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  • Omega Cure + Vitamin D3
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  • Convenient & travel-friendly
  • Packaged in recyclable glass vials

Save time and money when you when you enroll in our flexible subscription program. Every month, you’ll receive 4 boxes of Omega Cure Extra Strength, ensuring you never have to miss a daily dose.

Recommended Dose

Enjoy one vial every day with a meal. Results typically appear between 6-12 weeks of consistent daily use.

Care Tips

Omega Cure Extra Strength has a shelf life of 14 days at room temperature. For optimal freshness, however, store Omega Cure Extra Strength in the refrigerator. In the refrigerator, they keep fresh for up to 6 months.

Depending on the temperature, Omega Cure Extra Strength may crystallize in the refrigerator. This is normal. If you prefer to avoid the crystallization, let your Omega Cure Extra Strength vial thaw on the kitchen counter for 10 minutes before drinking it. The oil will quickly liquify.

An Effective Omega-3 Dose

The benefits of omega-3s have been widely publicized. Yet many people don’t feel a difference using typical omega-3 supplements. It could be because with most omega-3 products, you’d need to swallow 8-10 capsules daily to get an effective dose. We’ve made it easier. Each Omega Cure Extra Strength vial delivers 3000 mg of EPA/DHA in a liquid form that’s deliciously drinkable.

All the Benefits of Omega Cure, Plus Vitamin D3

Aside from omega-3, vitamin D is another commonly needed nutrient, known for its role in promoting bone health and supporting the immune system. For added convenience and potency, we’ve added 1400 IUs of vitamin D3 to each Omega Cure Extra Strength vial. It’s the perfect combination for people who want omega-3s and vitamin D without having to take multiple supplements.

Exceptional Freshness Levels

Here at Omega3 Innovations, we believe that freshness equals safety and increased potency. No other brand can rival our oil’s extremely low oxidation levels. For greater transparency, we mark every box of Omega Cure Extra Strength with the bottling date and freshness measurements of your batch.

Travel-Friendly Liquid Omega-3s

Omega Cure Extra Strength makes it easy to bring your favorite omega-3 oil with you on your journeys. TSA will allow you to pack up to 7 vials in your carry-on luggage. Or you can bring as many doses as you need in your checked bag. Omega Cure Extra Strength has a shelf life of 14 days at room temperature.

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