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Getting your daily omega-3s and vitamin D3 couldn’t be easier. No measuring or guesswork necessary — just a single vial that delivers the dose most adults need for maximum benefit.


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3000 mg EPA/DHA
1400 IUs Vitamin D3
Pre-Measured Dose
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Why Join Subscription?

Simply put: subscription makes it easy and cost-effective to get the essential omega-3s + vitamin D3 you need for your health every day.

With subscription, you save over 20% and get free shipping on every order for unbeatable savings!

Recommended Dose

Enjoy one vial every day with a meal. Results typically appear between 6-12 weeks.

Care Tips

Omega Cure Extra Strength has a 14-day shelf life at room temperature. For optimal freshness, store in the refrigerator. In the fridge, the vials keep for up to 6 months.

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Bo & Anne-Marie


Based on the science, we know that taking omega-3s in liquid is the best strategy for obtaining benefits. But when we launched Omega Cure, we also quickly discovered that liquid presented some issues.

For one, many people struggled to measure the right amount of fish oil onto their spoons, thus shorting themselves of an effective dose. Plus, there was the travel dilemma. How were you supposed to bring a big bottle on the plane?

We designed Omega Cure Extra Strength as the answer. It’s travel-friendly. It comes in pre-measured doses so you know you are getting enough omega-3s. And it’s highly convenient – just swig straight from your vial and recycle when finished.


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About Subscription

For one adult taking 1 vial daily, each 9-box subscription order will last for 9 weeks.

For 2 adults who are sharing the subscription, it’s best to receive 10 boxes every 5 weeks.

If you need additional customizations to your plan, please call us at 941.485.4400 or email us at

Yes! You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, as long as you do so before your next order is billed. We send email reminders 6 days prior to each subscription order billing so you can make any adjustments necessary.

Yes! If you need to adjust the timing of your next order, that’s not a problem. You can reply to the reminder email we send before your renewal order with your preferred shipping date. Or email or call us to reschedule!

Yes! If you find that a different frequency would work better for your family, you can always adjust your plan. Just give us a call or email, and we’ll take care of it for you!

You can pause, cancel or reactivate your subscription from your account online. To make additional changes, please give us a call or email us.

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Omega Cure Extra Strength Subscription


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Customer reviews

8 reviews for Omega Cure Extra Strength Subscription

Best Omegas for dry eye
5 out of 5
by Linda on Aug 05, 2023

I take the supplement to help with my mybomium Glands, oil, production, oil, consistency, and management of my dry eye y regimen, Daily I have tried many other products over several decades, and found this to be the only effective product to keep my oils, thin and in good condition. As an experiment, I had my optometrist monitor my oils during the time that I started taking Omega Cure. I have my lids expressed on a regular basis. Before taking the product, my oils were like toothpaste. After about a month, they were thin, like olive oil, which is the way they’re supposed to be. They are also easy on my stomach. I don’t know of any other product that works the same way or that is cleaner.

by Omega3 Innovations on Aug 07, 2023

Thank you for sharing your story, Linda! It's great to how the Omega Cure Extra Strength has helped you.

Excellent product
5 out of 5
by Melissa on Jul 02, 2023

This particular fish oil was referred to me by my sister who was raving about it. I was sold, and have noticed quite an improvement in my joint health and brain activity.

by Omega3 Innovations on Jul 03, 2023

Thank you for your wonderful review, Melissa! We're thrilled to hear you are feeling the positive difference Omega Cure Extra Strength is making in your life. :)

Excellent Product!!
5 out of 5
by Kim on Jun 05, 2023

I absolutely love Omega 3 Innovations! A friend of mine recommended this company to me due to pain and inflammation that I've been experiencing. Customer service at this company has been outstanding. They have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable by answering all of my questions and recommending the best product for me and my symptoms. I've been using Omega Cure Extra Strength for a little over 4 months now. Although I still suffer from pain and inflammation, this product has significantly reduced the back pain I've been experiencing and has completely eliminated the numbness and tingling I would get in my arms and legs. I am very pleased with the results! And I love that this product is completely natural with no side effects.

by Omega3 Innovations on Jun 05, 2023

Thank you for sharing this update, Kim! We're grateful for your kind words for our team -- that really makes our day! But most of all, we're so glad to hear that you're noticing a significant improvement for your back, legs and arms. That's wonderful news! We're hopeful that with more time, you'll feel even more positive effects.

Omega3 is the best!
5 out of 5
by Sherri V on Jun 01, 2023

Not only is the product great and has helped my husband’s dry eyes, the company has THE BEST customer service. They are highly responsive to emails, are very kind, and willing to support the customer in any way possible. Thank you, Omega3, for going above and beyond in a cultural climate that tends to be the opposite right now.

by Omega3 Innovations on Jun 02, 2023

This review means a lot to us, Sherri. Thank you for your kind words! We love to support our customers and make a positive difference in their lives. It makes our day when we hear our efforts are well received.