About Us

Before Omega3 Innovations, Bo and I practiced family medicine in Norway for over 20 years. We passionately believed good nutrition was the cornerstone of a healthy life. And from our extensive research, we knew that getting enough omega-3 fatty acids could make a dramatic difference for our patients. In spite of our recommendations, our patients didn’t like drinking fishy-tasting cod liver oil or swallowing handfuls of capsules. Frankly, neither did we.

Bo and I realized, if our patients were going to take their omega-3 regularly – and at the dose needed to generate results – they needed products that were fresh, tasted good, and were easy to use.

Since moving to the Unites States and co-founding Omega3 Innovations in 2006, we’ve been busy bringing that vision to life. Our pristine Omega Cure® boasts unrivaled freshness levels, making it easy to drink straight or mix into juices and smoothies. In addition, we’ve created award-winning cookies and chocolates that combine effective doses of omega-3 with other potent ingredients like beta glucan oat fiber, vitamin D, and antioxidant-rich dark chocolate.

We’re excited for you to taste, smell, and feel the difference.

Meet Our Team

Are you ever curious who had that nice, helpful voice on the telephone? Who packed your order just right? Who wrote or designed the brochure you love handing out? These are the folks who keep us up and running. We are a diverse group of individuals who delight in bringing you omega-3 products that help keep you active, healthy, and happy.

  • Christine

  • Debra

  • Lisa

  • Jason

  • Libby

  • Mark

  • Kelly

  • Austin

  • Johannes

  • John

  • May-Elise