About Us

We’re passionate about helping you feel the benefits of Omega Cure because we’ve seen it improve our family’s wellbeing.

Our Co-Founders' Story

About Us | Co-Founders in Norway, Circa 1992

Two Physicians from Norway

Like many of you, our omega-3 journey began with concern for our family’s health. Back in the 1990s, when Bo and I were still working as physicians in Norway, we noticed that our young son struggled with certain neurobehavioral tasks and focus.

Trying to find solutions, we discovered the research on omega-3 fatty acids. We learned that EPA and DHA helped promote neurobehavioral development and signaling in the brain. And we also discovered that omega-3s could relieve many of the heart, joint, and eye health issues affecting our patients — if they got the right kind of dose and quality.

Creating A New Kind of Fish Oil

Teaming up with one of Norway’s top omega-3 specialists several years later, we developed Omega Cure. Unlike other fish oils, Omega Cure was full-spectrum. And, thanks to its exceptionally low oxidation levels, it had no fishy taste or smell, making it easy to get an effective omega-3 dose.

We knew there was nothing like Omega Cure on the market. But when we launched Omega Cure in 2006, the feedback surprised even us. People who had been taking other omega-3 supplements, including prescription fish oils, bragged about their improved lipid numbers and enhanced mobility. Parents reported that their children were doing better in school. We felt the difference too. Bo’s back, which had given him much grief in Norway, became a non-issue. And our son became more even keeled and focused than before.

About Us | Omega Cure's Early Years
About Us | Launching the Omega Cookie

10+ Years of Innovation

Creating Omega Cure was just the beginning. Since then, we’ve continued to perfect the purity and potency of Omega Cure with better technology. We’ve developed omega-3 and oat fiber-rich cookies and chocolates as microbiome-friendly meal replacements. And more recently, we’ve been exploring the synergy between melatonin and omega-3s, including studying this duo’s effect on cancer and obesity.

Throughout it all, our customers’ feedback has guided our progress and kept us passionate about helping people achieve better health. We’ve seen Omega Cure transform lives, and we are excited to share its potent benefits with you.

~ Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD & Bo Martinsen, MD

Meet Our Oil

Omega Cure is the foundation of every product we make. We use this pristine cod liver oil in everything from our classic bottles to our cookies and chocolates.


Meet Our Oil

Omega Cure is the foundation of every product we make. We use this pristine cod liver oil in everything from our classic bottles to our cookies and chocolates.


Omega Cure Fish Oil

Our Values

Improving Health

We have seen Omega Cure transform the lives of friends, family and customers. The desire to improve people’s health guides every business decision we make.
About Us | Exceptional Omega-3 Quality

Exceptional Quality

Making exceptionally fresh fish oil doesn’t come cheap, but we don’t cut corners. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality ingredients produced in an ethical way.
About Us | Personal Touch

Personal Touch

As a small family business, we strive to connect with people personally. We love to follow up with customers to answer questions and educate about dose, timing and more.

Science & Research

Every product we make is grounded in extensive research. And every day, we review the newest data on omega-3s and other nutrients to inform product updates.

Awards and Recognition


Omega Restore is named as one of five product finalists for the international SupplySide Editor’s Choice Award in the anti-aging category. 


We receive the patent on the innovative procedure that allows us to make our Omega Cookies and chocolate products with high doses of omega-3s. This was no small feat. When researchers at the University of Ontario tried to make similar omega-3-rich nutrition bars, they could only get 17% the amount of fish oil we have in each Omega Cookie.


Omega Heaven wins the SupplySide Editor’s Choice Award for innovation in the omega-3 category, beating out large international companies like Nordic Naturals. 


Omega3 Innovations (then known as Ambo Health) wins the innovation category of the Development Corporation of Sarasota County’s Hall of Fame Awards.

Meet Our Omega-3 Products

About Us | Omega Cure Extra Strength Omega-3

Omega Cure Extra Strength

Realizing that many customers have trouble measuring, we developed these vials to help people get an effective omega-3 dose daily and when traveling.

About Us | Omega Cure Fish Oil

Omega Cure

Our first product, the classic Omega Cure bottle remains our best seller to this day. It’s the best solution for families needing different omega-3 dosages.

About Us | Omega Restore

Omega Restore

Omega Restore resulted from of our interest in the synergy between melatonin, vitamin D3 and omega-3s for fighting inflammation and aging.

About Us | Omega Cookie

Omega Cookie

We developed the Omega Cookie as a means to help people who struggle with swallowing oil. Each cookie delivers 2000 mg of EPA/DHA (the same as two teaspoons of Omega Cure).

About Omega Passion

Omega Passion

We wanted to create a meal where every ingredient supports the microbiome. The result is Omega Passion – a combination of omega-3s, oats, walnuts, dark chocolate, Greek yogurt, and cinnamon.

About Us | Omega Heaven

Omega Heaven

A forerunner for the current Omega Passion, Omega Heaven marked our first step in producing an omega-3 based meal replacement with tasty dark chocolate. We are no longer making this product.