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Omega Cure

Our Fresh, Full-Spectrum Cod Liver Oil

With Melatonin

Omega Restore

$20 7 Doses Per Box

More restful sleep & energy
Potentiates omega-3 benefits
Omega Cure + Vit. D3 + Melatonin

Subscription available at: $16.00

Omega Cure Extra Strength

$20 7 Doses Per Box

Convenient & travel-friendly
Pre-measured daily dose
Omega Cure + Vit. D3

Subscription available at: $16.00

Omega Cure Fish Oil

$49.95 18 Doses Per Bottle

Best for families with children
Good for personalizing dose
Easy to mix with foods or enjoy plain

Subscription available at: $43.00

Cookies & More

Powerful Medicine from Nature. Approved by Foodies.

Omega Cookie

$18 7 Cookies Per Bag

2000 mg EPA/DHA per cookie
Great as a breakfast meal
Rich in soluble fiber

Omega Passion

$21.95 20 Truffles Per Tin

300 mg EPA/DHA per truffle
A feel-good snack or dessert
Made with non-alkalized chocolate

Omega Heaven

$29.95 10 Cookies Per Bag

1000 mg EPA/DHA per cookie
Enjoy as a breakfast or snack
Rich in soluble fiber

Our Story

Here at Omega3 Innovations, we’ve been proudly pioneering the world’s freshest and most innovative omega-3 products since 2006. Get to know us and meet our physician co-founders, Dr. Martinsen and Dr. Chalmers. Read more

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