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If you are a visual learner, get to know us better through our videos. On this page, you can watch interviews with our co-founders, Dr. Bo Martinsen and Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers, delve into issues about freshness, melatonin, and more, and learn about our products.

3 Fun Ways to Take Your Omega Cure

Taking your daily dose of fresh fish oil doesn’t have to be painful. Here are three deliciously drinkable ways to take your Omega Cure.

The Fish Oil Taste and Smell Test

Did you know the quality of a fish oil is something you can taste and smell? We put our Omega Cure cod liver oil, a krill oil, a fish oil capsule, and a prenatal DHA tablet to the test with a tasting panel. P.S. We recommend doing this at home with any fish oil capsules you might have too.

Your Omega-3 Supplement Is Likely Rancid. Here’s Why You Should Care

Getting enough omega-3 is crucial for our health. But unfortunately, many of the fish oil and kill oil supplements we consume do not meet freshness standards. Furthermore, researchers believe consuming rancid omega-3 supplements long-term could have consequences.

Why We’ve Combined Omega Cure with Melatonin

Most people think of melatonin as a sleep medicine or jet lag cure. But regulating sleep is only a small part of what melatonin does. In this video, Dr. Bo Martinsen explains the science of melatonin and how its functions are deeply tied to the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.

Dose Deception: Why Taking 1 or 2 Fish Oil Capsules Is Not Enough

One of biggest misconceptions with taking fish oil is the dose necessary to produce results. In this video, Dr. Martinsen explains the omega-3 dose deception and compares how many fish oil and krill oil capsules you would need to equal the amount of EPA/DHA found in a salmon fillet.

Why Do We Need Omega-3?

You’ve probably heard that omega-3 is good for you. But what exactly does it do? Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for the functioning of our cells. These molecules make up part of the cell membrane and play a role in controlling the body’s inflammation response.

What Makes Omega Cure Different Other Omega-3 Products?

What makes Omega Cure different from other omega-3 supplements? In short: Omega Cure is the freshest, full-spectrum fish oil available. Learn more from our co-founders, Dr. Martinsen and Dr. Chalmers, about the Omega Cure difference.

What Our Customers Are Saying

When it comes to freshness, Omega Cure is in a class by itself. That is why our customers love taking their omega-3 fish oil every day. Omega Cure has no fishy taste or smell and can even be added to foods. Even more important, that freshness factor helps explain why our customers feel a remarkable health difference when they take Omega Cure faithfully.

Focus on Omega Cookie: The Dietitian's Perspective

What is an Omega Cookie? Rebecca Kloss, one of Sarasota’s premiere dietitians, explains what’s inside each omega-3 breakfast cookie and how they fit into a gluten-free diet.

Baking with Fish Oil: How Do We Preserve the Omega-3 in Our Cookies?

How do you bake a cookie with fish oil in it and not lose the potency of the omega-3 fatty acids? Dr. Martinsen explains the development and research behind the high-fiber Omega Cookie.

Omega Heaven: A Cookie for Kids

Omega Heaven is a chocolate-covered cookie designed to provide kids with a delicious meal that is good for them too. Each cookie contains 1000 mg of EPA/DHA omega-3 and gluten-free whole oats. Plus, the dark chocolate coating is full of antioxidants. So how does this healthy cookie resonate with kids? Watch their reactions here.

Omega Cure: The Freshest Fish Oil Available

While many fish oil capsules taste bad and cause fishy burps, Omega Cure has no taste or smell of its own, making it easy to mix into juices, yogurts or drink straight. Even better, when you consume ultra-fresh Omega Cure, you are getting the full benefit of the omega-3s without any negative side effects. It’s the reason our customers continue to see life-changing results.

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