He Subbed Omega Cure for a Double Knee Replacement…and It Worked.

When his orthopedic surgeon recommended getting a double knee replacement, Don Holmes thought that made sense. He’d already had three surgeries on his knees in the past, and wanted to alleviate the chronic knee pain.

Talking with a friend, however, Don got a second opinion and some unusual advice: Try taking cod liver oil instead of having that double knee replacement.

In this April 2016 Customer of the Month story, Don shares how he kicked his knee pain to the curb with fresh, full-spectrum Omega Cure®.

Omega3 Innovations: You’ve been with us for many years. How did you first get started taking Omega Cure?

Don Holmes: I live in Charlottesville, Virginia. I went to the orthopedic surgeon here in 2007 or 2008. He said I needed to have both knees replaced. That was in the fall. I told him I would wait until the spring to have the surgery.

In the meantime, I met with one of my friends, Dr. Bill Kennedy, who looked at my knees. He said I didn’t need to have the knees replaced, but I should try the oil that our mutual friend, Jim Hubbard, raved about.

I started on Omega Cure, and as a result, I haven’t had any knee pain in 8 years.

O3I: That’s incredible! Besides the pain relief you experienced, did you notice any other changes when you started using Omega Cure?

DH: That’s a good question. I have very good cholesterol and blood pressure numbers. But I’ve been taking Omega Cure for so long, it’s hard to know whether the oil contributed to that or not.

Before I got the advice to have my knees replaced, however, I had already had three surgeries on my knees. With three surgeries, you lose a lot of cartilage and you develop arthritis. So that was a big thing to fix, and somehow the Omega Cure did it.

I play a lot of tennis. I’m on the treadmill and lift weights three times a week. I’m very active, and this keeps me going.

O3I: Our longtime customers often tell us they can really notice the difference Omega Cure makes when they stop taking the oil and come back to it. Have you ever had that kind of experience?

DH: You know, I have stopped taking the Omega Cure in the past, either because I was traveling or something was going on. I would get off it for a month, and my knees would start hurting.

That’s the only time my knees hurt – when I stop taking the oil. It takes a few weeks or something like that, and then the knee pain returns.

O3I: What would you say to someone interested in trying Omega Cure?

DH: Recently, I got a friend and his wife to try the oil. My friend said it was too expensive for him, which is kind of crazy, since he’s a lawyer. I said to him, “You know surgery is expensive too.”

I have told a lot of people about Omega Cure. I’m not the kind of person who goes on raving about products, but this is one product I rave about.


Omega3 Innovations is a physician-directed company, dedicated to improving wellness with a unique line of fresh, effective and delicious omega-3 based products.

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