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BY Bo Martinsen, MD Apr 18, 2016

Why We Take a Fine Wine Approach to Manufacturing Omega-3

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My interest in nutrition was first sparked during medical school in Bordeaux, France. At the old university, my professors insisted there was more to medicine than just writing prescriptions. We learned that food should be an important part of treating illness. And that you needed to pay attention to how those foods were made.

Being in Bordeaux, I also learned about food outside of class – particularly wine. I was lucky to have friends who had grown up on award-winning chateaux. It didn’t take long before my wife, Anne-Marie, and I were invited to participate in harvesting grapes and hearing the old propriétaires describe the delicate process of bringing the best from nature to the consumer.

These masters had such a passion for the process – the temperature, the light, the hand selecting of the grapes, the storage conditions, and how the wine was served. Their dedication to detail made a deep impression on my young student self, and I kept this knowledge in my heart as I advanced in my career as a physician.

Applying a Fine Wine Approach to Cod Liver Oil

Years later, when Anne-Marie and I started working with Omega Cure®, we discovered that the same attention given to making a high quality wine should be applied to fish oil and cod liver oil. Just like fine wine, the quality of a good omega-3 oil depends on the manufacturing process and presentation to the consumer.

You can’t take a bad quality wine and make it good again. Similarly, you can’t restore a rancid omega-3 oil back to freshness. You can try to cover the rancid taste and smell, but you cannot erase the effects of the oil’s deterioration. While seemingly obvious, these lessons are still ignored by most in the omega-3 industry.

Packaging Matters Too

Besides starting with a fresh, top quality raw material, how you handle an omega-3 oil after refining also impacts its nutritional value and taste. This is true right down to the packaging.

All our customers have noticed that Omega Cure and Omega Cure Extra Strength do not come in plastic containers, capsules or gallon jugs. Rather, we use elegant glass bottles.

We made this packaging decision for more than aesthetic reasons.

Last week, a study from France confirmed what wine owners have intuited for years. The study examined the impact of the container material on the nutritional quality of fruit juice. It found that glass bottles helped preserve the antioxidants and vitamins of juice during storage significantly better than plastic bottles. The reason? Glass was better at preventing oxygen from seeping into the container, which in turn helped preserve the nutrients over time.

This same knowledge also applies to fish oil. After all, omega-3 fatty acids are particularly prone to oxidation, and storing a high quality fish oil in a plastic bottle will compromise the nutritional integrity and freshness level of the oil with time. This is why you’ll never find our Omega Cure in a plastic container or capsules.

The Details that Create Omega Cure

Preserving the freshness of Omega Cure has been our frustratingly favorite activity for the last 10 years.

But you, as the consumer, get the benefits of our hard-learned knowledge. There are no substitutes for glass containers. There are no substitutes for the freshness of fish oil and speedy delivery directly to the consumer. And there is no substitute for good health.

These are the core values of Omega3 Innovations. As I learned in Bordeaux many years ago, the details create the big picture.

We encourage you to learn more about how Omega Cure is made on the About Our Oil page.

fresh full spectrum fish oil dose omega 3 innovations

Sharing is caring!

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