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What’s in the Bundle:

  • 3 boxes of Omega Cure Extra Strength (value: $60)
  • 1 7-count bag of Omega Passion (value: $28)
  • 3 Omega Cookies (value: $11.97)
Why We Love the Holiday Bundle

This season, enjoy a selection of some of our favorite omega-3 products! Each Holiday Bundle includes 3 boxes of Omega Cure Extra Strength vials, one bag of Omega Passion, and 3 Omega Cookies in your preferred flavor (including our limited edition Apple Cinnamon Cranberry).

To learn more about each product featured in the Holiday Bundle, please visit the Omega Cure Extra Strength, Omega Passion and Omega Cookie product pages.

Share the Gift of Good Health

This year, many of us may not be able to be near our loves ones for the holidays. But, even if we cannot be there with each other in person, we can still show our friends and family that we care about their wellbeing. The Holiday Bundle provides a tasty assortment of omega-3 products to nourish everyone from college-age kids to parents and grandparents.

Omega-3s + Vitamin D3 = A Match Made in Heaven

This winter, we’re all about getting enough omega-3s and vitamin D3 for better immune support. Fortunately, the Holiday Bundle supplies both nutrients in spades. Omega Cure Extra Strength and Omega Passion deliver 1400 IUs of vitamin D3 per serving – and each Omega Cookie provides an additional 800 IUs of the sunshine vitamin. For those looking to simplify their supplement routines and reduce the burdens of pill fatigue, you’re welcome!

Delightfully Delicious, Surprisingly Nutritious Foods

Tired of stress eating your way though 2020? Whether you need a nutritious snack to tide you over between work shifts, an energizing breakfast on-the-go, or something to satisfy your mid-afternoon sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered. Grab an Omega Cookie or Omega Passion chocolate for a microbiome-friendly meal that’ll gratify your tastebuds.

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