After 20 Years on Lipitor, He Shocked His Doctor with a Fishy Solution

Buddy Odom | Omega3 Innovations | October 2015 Customer of the Month

Buddy Odom started taking Omega Cure fish oil to maintain his general good health and protect his joints. But it was the omega-3 fish oil’s effect on his triglyceride levels that ultimately shocked both him and his doctor.

In this October 2015 Customer of the Month story, Buddy shares how his triglyceride levels dropped into the lower 2 percent of the population with Omega Cure.

Omega3 Innovations: You’ve been taking Omega Cure for some 8 – 10 years now. How did you first hear about the product?

Buddy Odom: I heard about the product at the farmers market. I was with a friend, and we were walking through. I tried the Omega Cure, and I liked the effects that I felt.

I’ve been educated that taking supplements in liquid form is better. The liver can’t break down capsules properly. You only get about 20% of the nutrients. The rest of the 80% goes nowhere.

People think, I can’t drink fish oil. But when you try Omega Cure, you realize it doesn’t taste like anything.

O3I: You mentioned that you started taking Omega Cure for your joints. What effects did you notice at first?

BO: My range of motion improved. It’s like drinking motor oil. It’s good for the joints.

O3I: Then what happened?

BO: For approximately 20 years, I have been taking Lipitor for high cholesterol. I am the correct weight for my height and in generally good health. My doctor put me on Lipitor upon the conclusion that my cholesterol was high due to genetics.

Lipitor doesn’t do anything for triglycerides. But after the first 2 years of using Omega Cure, my triglycerides starting dropping and have continued over the years. Every year, my blood workup and lab confirm that they are in the lower 2% of the population.

The results shocked my doctor. I hadn’t done anything differently besides take Omega Cure. So I told him it had to be the omega-3 fish oil.

He said, “You can’t possibly get this kind of effect by taking capsules.”

“I’m not taking capsules,” I told him. “I’m drinking it out of a bottle.”

“Well, I’ve never seen a product like this before,” he replied.

“It comes from Norway to your doorway,” I said.

That doctor became a believer.

O3I: How do you take your Omega Cure? Straight or with juice? At morning or at night?

BO: I use the shot glass. I measure 3 teaspoons and then top it off with juice. In the morning, first thing.

O3I: Do you have any advice for new Omega Cure users?

BO: Well, every time I’m at the booth at the farmer’s market, I jump in and tell them to just buy it. I tell them immediately about my triglycerides dropping into the lower 2% of the population.

I look them square in the eye, and I say, if you have a heart attack, you’ve got longer to get to the hospital.



Omega3 Innovations is a physician-directed company, dedicated to improving wellness with a unique line of fresh, effective and delicious omega-3 based products.

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