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Category: Heart Health

omega3innovations Apr 12,2017

For One Couple, Omega Restore Cut the Sleeping Pill Habit

For years, Carol had worried about her husband, John, taking several Tylenol PM®, plus two other sleeping aides before bed every night. Still, he insisted it was the only way he could get any rest. When the couple moved from...Read full article

omega3innovations Dec 8,2016

After Years of Fish Oil Capsules, His Cholesterol Finally Plummeted with Omega Cure

On a trip to Florida to visit his brother and sister-in-law, Frank Auker of Bloomberg, PA found himself at the Sarasota Farmers Market, sampling Omega Cure® cod liver oil. In spite of having used fish oil capsules for years without...Read full article

omega3innovations May 28,2016

Why One Elite Triathlete Powers Her Workouts with Omega Cure

For Rachel Chambers, triathlons have been a passion for nearly 20 years. When she is not working full time as a dietitian, she is a regular member of Team USA’s triathlon team, competing at the international level. What’s her secret...Read full article

omega3innovations Apr 1,2016

Considering Fish Oil Versus Cholesterol Medication, She Chose Omega Cure.

After using three bottles of Omega Cure®, Irene Biancotti saw her cholesterol levels drop. But it wasn’t until she replaced Omega Cure with krill oil capsules during one trip that Irene noticed the significant difference Omega Cure was making for...Read full article


Why Is Getting a Fresh Fish Oil So Important?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nearly four years ago, we released our first series of blogs and a whitepaper on the rampant rancidity problem within the omega-3 industry. Since then, freshness has thankfully become a recognized topic - cropping up everywhere from the New York Times...Read full article


How the New York Times Is Right and Wrong about Fish Oil Supplements

Finally, the media is making a stink about rancid fish oil. And it’s about time. Yesterday, the New York Times, in collaboration with Frontline, aired a segment addressing the rampant rancidity issues in the fish oil industry. For those in...Read full article

Bo Martinsen, MD Oct 28,2015

Bacon, Red Meat and Fish Oil: The Story of Oxidized Fats?

A few days ago, the World Health Organization issued a warning that eating processed meats like hot dogs and bacon would increase the risk of some cancers and that red meat may similarly be harmful. The story made national headlines...Read full article

omega3innovations Oct 19,2015

After 20 years on Lipitor, He Shocked His Doctor with a Fishy Solution to High Triglyceride Levels

Buddy Odom started taking Omega Cure fish oil to maintain his general good health and protect his joints. But it was the oil’s effect on his triglyceride levels that ultimately shocked both him and his doctor. In this October 2015...Read full article

Bo Martinsen, MD Apr 3,2015

Stop Talking about Omega-3

Two years ago, I was giving a lecture to a cancer support group about omega-3 fatty acids. After my lecture on the benefits of omega-3 for cancer prevention and as an adjunct to chemotherapy, one of the men came to...Read full article


Do Cholesterol-Lowering Medications (Statins) Increase the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer?

Last week, Bo handed me a new study on an issue close to my heart - breast cancer and its relationship to omega-3 and statin use. This study, he said, was a must-read. And indeed, the article was so interesting...Read full article