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Category: Joint Health


Rev Up Your New Year’s Resolutions with Fresh Fish Oil

Every New Year, we make plans to get our health back on track, be it by losing weight, sleeping more, giving up fries, or starting yoga. But making permanent change isn’t easy. After a few weeks of sticking to the...Read full article

Bo Martinsen, MD Feb 22,2013

Improve Your Workout with Omega-3 Fish Oil

“I used to be so sore and stiff the morning after going to the gym,” said Susan, a college professor and longtime Omega3 Innovations customer. “But that was before I started taking Omega Cure® or eating an Omega Cookie® every...Read full article

Bo Martinsen, MD Dec 5,2012

An Omega-3 Strategy for Pain Relief

More than 76 million Americans live with pain every day. That’s more than the number of people who have heart disease, diabetes, and cancers combined, according to a survey by the American Osteopathic Association. But what’s worse is that one-third...Read full article

omega3innovations Nov 30,2012

Omega3 Innovations Healthy Gift Guide

This holiday season, give your loved ones a gift that will keep them healthy and happy throughout the year. Here are a few gift ideas to get you inspired: Gifts for the Student Treat students to a convenient, on-the-go breakfast...Read full article


Taking Omega-3 Fish Oil is like Practicing Piano

Recently, I decided to take piano lessons again. In my younger years - before medical school - I nearly made piano playing my career. But after two children, a medical practice, and starting a business, I have since gotten out...Read full article


Pets Take a Leap for Fish Oil

Every morning Bo and I enjoy watching our 11-year-old, four-legged sweetheart fiercely defend his turf, leaping after the chipmunks that scamper in the trees over his head. Thor, part Australian Shepherd and part Husky, has slowed down a bit, but...Read full article


Shots, Swigs and Teaspoons: Get the Right Omega-3 Dose

[caption id="attachment_172" align="alignright" width="120"] How much omega-3 are you actually getting in your teaspoon?[/caption] Teaspoons, tablespoons, milliliter and milligrams: the world of measurements can be confusing to say the least, especially when it comes to swallowing the right dose.  Then...Read full article


Equine Athletes Share Their Omega-3 Secrets

What if a supplement could make exercising easier and more efficient? Well, the long-kept secret of the horse world is out, and it’s good news for athletes, morning joggers and couch potatoes alike. The omega-3 benefits seen in horses produce...Read full article