“Start Taking It and Don’t Stop:” Advice from an Omega Cure User

John Wilson of Kansas City had been taking Omega Cure regularly for several years when he stopped. Within a 3 month period, he noticed his body starting to respond to the lack of oil. In this April 2015 Customer of the Month story, John shares how he experienced the benefits of Omega Cure – twice!

Omega3 Innovations: How long have you been using Omega Cure?

John Wilson: For three years.

O3I: What inspired you to try Omega Cure initially?

JW: A friend who loved the oil gave my wife half a bottle and said, “You have to try this stuff.”

Very soon I noticed a change in my skin – dry areas healed; dry, cracked cuticles healed, my skin became smoother and more supple – very obvious outward signs that Omega Cure had a positive impact.

For instance, for the last 20 years of my life, one of my fingernails had a dry spot. That went away, even with half a bottle.

O3I: You mentioned that you stopped taking the Omega Cure after several years of consuming it regularly. Can I ask why you stopped?

JW: I was trying to change the way I ate. I took the fish oil as part of my morning protein shake. But I when stopped doing the rest of that routine, I didn’t have an obvious way of integrating the oil into my diet. So the bottle sat in the refrigerator for a while…

O3I: What happened after you stopped?

JW: I developed aches and pains in joints and muscles. What had been a brisk and comfortable walk became a painful trudge. I even began to experience sciatic pain sitting at work and had to get out of my chair every 10 minutes to try and manage the pain.

I didn’t realize what was happening because my condition degraded so slowly over those few months. It finally dawned on me what had changed – the lack of Omega Cure. I began taking it daily again and within a few weeks I was walking more comfortably, and within two months I was back to my brisk, enjoyable pace. It took about 3 months for the sciatic pain to go away, but now it is gone as well. It was a painful experience, but it proved to me that Omega Cure is a vital part of my diet, making a noticeable improvement in my life every day.

O3I: Have you ever taken any other omega-3 supplement before?

JW: I have taken fish oil before, though it’s probably been 15 years or so. My wife wanted to improve our health and got these fish oil capsules from the pharmacy. They were terrible! They tasted bad and didn’t seem to have any benefits.

It took me about a week of constantly burping fish oil before I couldn’t do it any more.

O3I: Do you have any advice for people for people starting to use Omega Cure?

JW: Start taking it and don’t stop! Like I say, the benefits come on gradually and they are really tangible. It’s not until you stop that you realize what you had.

I marvel, even now. Six or eight months since that whole thing happened, there is a spring in my step. It caught me off guard how powerful the Omega Cure was.


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