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Category: Joint Health

omega3innovations Dec 31,2015

“I’m in Better Health Now Than I Was at 40:” A Husband and Wife Team Share Their Omega Cure Story

When their daughter first told them to start using Omega Cure for their aches and pains, Mary Ann was skeptical. Could a fish oil make a difference for her arthritic hands and for her husband, who was just starting on...Read full article

omega3innovations Oct 19,2015

After 20 years on Lipitor, He Shocked His Doctor with a Fishy Solution to High Triglyceride Levels

Buddy Odom started taking Omega Cure fish oil to maintain his general good health and protect his joints. But it was the oil’s effect on his triglyceride levels that ultimately shocked both him and his doctor. In this October 2015...Read full article

omega3innovations Jul 2,2015

For One Omega Cure User, An Extra Teaspoon a Day Made All the Difference

For Sarasota-based Ali Jaynes, using Omega Cure and eating Omega Cookies is a family affair. In this June 2015 Customer of the Month Story, learn how Ali and her two children integrate their “vitamin shot” and fish oil cookies into...Read full article

omega3innovations May 27,2015

“I Can’t Take Fish Oil:” How One Omega Cure User Found Her Non-Burpy Omega-3 Solution

A senior nursing student and a mom, Amanda Farabaugh of New York had tried taking fish oil capsules before with little success. After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease, however, Amanda decided on Omega Cure® as a non-burpy, anti-inflammatory solution. In...Read full article

omega3innovations Apr 20,2015

“Start Taking It and Don’t Stop:” Advice from an Omega Cure User

John Wilson of Kansas City had been taking Omega Cure regularly for several years when he stopped. Within a 3 month period, he noticed his body starting to respond to the lack of oil. In this April 2015 Customer of...Read full article

omega3innovations Mar 14,2015

Reducing the Crackle in the Joints: An Omega Cure Customer Tells Her Story of Relieved Chronic Inflammation

Rose Kuhel, one of our March 2015 Customers of the Month, had been a fish oil user for years. But she never knew it could help relieve the chronic inflammation in her back until she started taking 3 teaspoons of...Read full article

omega3innovations Feb 8,2015

An Avid Jogger Shares Her Omega3 Innovations Story

Meet our February 2015 Customer of the Month, Brenda D. from Texas. An avid jogger, horse rider, and college professor, Brenda loves staying active. But having a family history of arthritis, she knew she was going to have to take...Read full article

omega3innovations Nov 23,2014

Omega Cure or Omega Cure Extra Strength: Which Product Is Right for Me?

We know you’re getting excited for the launch of our single-serving Omega Cure Extra Strength vials. For the first time, we will be able to offer travel-friendly, ultra-fresh Omega Cure in a standardized dose presentation. This means, you can keep...Read full article

omega3innovations Aug 31,2014

Why Are We Launching Omega Cure Vials?

Many of you are eagerly anticipating the launch of our newest product - the Omega Cure vials. Containing 3000 mg of EPA/DHA, these single-serving vials are going to make it easier for many people to get an effective dose of...Read full article

Bo Martinsen, MD Mar 6,2014

The Future of Omega Cure: Solving Omega-3 Challenges with a Glass Vial

When Anne-Marie and I founded Omega3 Innovations, we knew that there were three crucial elements for experiencing maximal health benefits from omega-3. You need ultra-fresh fish oil that’s free of toxic rancidity by-products. You need a natural, un-modified fatty acid...Read full article