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What’s in Omega Heaven:

  • 1000 mg EPA/DHA omega-3s
  • 4 g of gluten-free fiber
  • Antioxidant-rich dark chocolate
  • Enjoy as a breakfast or snack
Why We Love Omega Heaven

Award-winning Omega Heaven is a pure joy to eat! Each cookie contains 4 grams of fiber from gluten-free oats and 1000 mg of EPA/DHA omega-3s. Plus, the non-alkalized dark chocolate coating provides a decadent serving of antioxidants.

Enjoy for breakfast or as a hearty snack. Store in the freezer.

Potent Ingredients

Omega Heaven’s power lies in its potent ingredient combination. Each cookie delivers 1000 mg of EPA/DHA omega-3, as well as four grams of oat fiber, which has cholesterol-lowering potential. Besides tasting delicious, the non-alkalized dark chocolate coating plays both a functional and nutritional role: It preserves the moisture and texture of the cookie and provides an extra antioxidant boost.

Award-Winning Taste and Nutrition

We are not the only fans of Omega Heaven. Since we launched this decadent chocolate-covered cookie, Omega Heaven has been winning praise for its delicious taste and impressive ingredient list. Notable honors include winning the international SupplySide Editor’s Choice Awards for omega-3 innovation and market significant in 2013 and being featured in Forbes as a “seriously yummy cookie.”

The Science Behind the Cookie

It took us over seven years to develop the patented technology that would allow us to bake effective doses of fish oil into a cookie without it tasting fishy. But how did we know the omega-3 still delivered the same benefits after being baked? Lots of research. We conducted bioavailability studies, as well as collaborated with schools to measure how eating an Omega Heaven daily impacted the focus and performance of students.

No Gluten, Preservatives or Trans Fats

What Omega Heaven does not contain is just as important to us as what it does. We’ve eliminated all processed ingredients from the baking process, including trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and color additives. People with food sensitivities can also rest assured, this is a certified gluten-free cookie.

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