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What’s in Omega Passion:

  • 1500 mg EPA/DHA omega-3s
  • Gluten-free fiber to keep you full longer
  • Greek yogurt for a happy microbiome
  • Walnuts and cinnamon

There has never been a chocolate bar quite like Omega Passion. How do we know? Because it’s taken us over two years, and lots of love to develop it!  Finally, it’s here — and chocolate for breakfast is about to be the new healthy trend!

Pro-Tip: Store in the refrigerator or freezer for optimal freshness.

Made with Superfood Ingredients

Omega Passion’s power lies in potent ingredient combinations. Each bar delivers 1500 mg of EPA/DHA, or about as much omega-3 as a salmon dinner. In addition, each bar also contains 5 grams of gluten-free oat fiber for its cholesterol-lowering potential, probiotic-rich Greek yogurt to support the microbiome, non-alkalized dark chocolate to improve satiation, and 1400 IUs of vitamin D3 to support the immune system. 

Pre and Probiotics - A Match Made in Microbiome Heaven!

Gut health has become the talk of the town, and for good reason. Our bodies need both pre and probiotics to keep us running at our fullest potential. The omega-3s from our signature Omega Cure oil and fiber from whole oats set the stage for good digestion, while Greek yogurt provides probiotics that keep good bugs happy and healthy.

Zero Fishy Flavor

We know what you may be thinking and are glad you asked… No, there is zero fishy flavor here! Instead, you’ll be savoring Omega Passion’s rich chocolatey taste along with a crunch of walnuts and hint of cinnamon. Each bar makes a delicious breakfast or wholesome snack that the whole family can enjoy. 

Customer reviews

1 reviews for Omega Passion

These chocolates are the BEST-PLEASE bring them back!!!!
5 out of 5
by Lesly on May 30, 2019

Can not express how awesome these dark chocolate truffles are. Yes, the texture is a little different from "normal" truffles, but considering the quality and benefits of this product that is easy to get use to!! I BEG Omega 3 Innovations to bring this product back....I would gladly pay more to be able to have these gems again!