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From delightfully drinkable cod liver oil to omega-3 cookies and chocolates


Omega Cure Fish Oil

17 (15 mL) servings per bottle

  • Ideal for families and children
  • Good for personalizing dose
  • Helps ease aching joints
  • Easy to mix with foods or enjoy plain

Omega Restore

7 (15 mL) servings per box

  • Best for people over age 40
  • Delivers 2, 3, 5, or 9 mg melatonin
  • Improves sleep quality & energy
  • Potentiates omega-3 benefits

Omega Passion

20 truffles per tin

  • A feel-good snack or dessert
  • 300 mg EPA/DHA per truffle
  • Delivers fiber, probiotics & more
  • Made with non-alkalized chocolate
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Upgrade Your Omega-3 Experience

The key reasons why Omega Cure delivers results:


Exceptionally Fresh

Taste, smell and feel the difference

Full-Spectrum Omega-3

For a fuller range of fatty acids

Delivering Effective Doses

In each easy-to-swallow serving

Superior Quality Oil

Made from wild Norwegian cod

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