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Category: Brain Health

omega3innovations Mar 8,2017

Cruising Her Way Back to Better Health and Balance with Omega Cure

In 2014, Joan O’Brien felt terrible. She struggled with arthritis pain, balance issues and even worried that her memory was starting to go. Worst of all, she couldn’t participate in her favorite activities or travel easily any longer. That summer,...Read full article


Rancid Fish Oil Is Likely a Health Hazard, New Studies Show

The effectiveness of omega-3 supplements has been the subject of controversy for some years now. How good for us are they really? It seems that every other week, there’s a new study showing the benefits for omega-3 supplements for brain...Read full article

omega3innovations Sep 8,2016

For One Family, A Chocolatey Fix for Focus in School

Chocolate for breakfast? Yes, says, JoAnn, who started her son on the Omega Passion chocolate truffles after looking for a high quality, easy-to-swallow omega-3 supplement. In this August 2016 Customer of the Month story, JoAnn shares how Omega Passion helped her...Read full article

omega3innovations Apr 24,2015

Improving Students’ Focus & Academic Performance with Cod Liver Oil Cookies

It is well recognized that omega-3 is a family of nutrients essential for brain development and good cognitive functioning. In spite of the omega-3 molecules’ physiological importance in the body and brain, research shows that the typical Western diet is...Read full article

Bo Martinsen, MD Apr 3,2015

Stop Talking about Omega-3

Two years ago, I was giving a lecture to a cancer support group about omega-3 fatty acids. After my lecture on the benefits of omega-3 for cancer prevention and as an adjunct to chemotherapy, one of the men came to...Read full article


Treating the Injured Brain with Omega-3 Fish Oil

One year ago, my family was in an uproar. A close family member needed brain surgery, which was scary enough. But then, a week after this major procedure, he contracted a life threatening form of bacterial meningitis. I visited him...Read full article

omega3innovations Feb 6,2015

For My Son with Autism: A Mother Shares Her Omega Cure Story

Meet our February 2015 Customer of the Month, Ann DePietro from New York. Ann discovered Omega Cure while seeking supplement solutions to help her son with autism. Here is her Omega3 Innovations story: Omega3 Innovations: How long have you been...Read full article


Rev Up Your New Year’s Resolutions with Fresh Fish Oil

Every New Year, we make plans to get our health back on track, be it by losing weight, sleeping more, giving up fries, or starting yoga. But making permanent change isn’t easy. After a few weeks of sticking to the...Read full article


Smart Lunchbox Swaps to Get More Omega-3 in Your Child’s Diet

When I was a young, full-time working mother, it was a never-ending battle finding wholesome, nutritious food to put in my children’s lunch boxes. When I did manage to put a Martha Stewart-like loving touch to their sandwiches, my children...Read full article


Nutritional Solutions to Postpartum Depression

If it is possible to look for a silver lining to Miriam Carey’s tragic death, it is that her condition is bringing much-needed attention to an important women’s health issue. With news surfacing that the young mother suffered from postpartum...Read full article