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BY omega3innovations Nov 4, 2016

How He Cut the Chronic Pain with Omega Cure Extra Strength

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Hans Anger had taken omega-3 fish oil pills before without seeing much result. But when Hans tried Omega Cure® Extra Strength for a 6 week period, he noticed a remarkable difference for the chronic pain in his knee. In this October 2016 Customer of the Month story, Hans explains why he has been religious about taking his daily vial ever since.

Omega3 Innovations: What inspired you to try Omega Cure Extra Strength?

Hans Anger: Well, I wish I could say there was some big event. But I saw one of your ads in one of the Sarasota newspapers. It spoke about the anti-inflammatory benefits of the oil. I had severe chronic pain in my knee, and I thought I would try something that was promoted as an anti-inflammatory product.

O3I: What was it like when you started taking the oil?

HA: I swear within 6 weeks of using the product, the issue subsided substantially. The knee pain that had been almost constant abated tremendously. I attributed the improvement to the omega-3 and I jumped on the bandwagon. I have been taking it religiously ever since.

O3I: Did you expect that kind of relief when you started?

HA: No.

O3I: Had you taken another omega-3 supplement before starting on Omega Cure Extra Strength?

HA: I had taken omega-3 pill supplements at different times and had stopped taking them because I felt like they weren’t doing much. Psychologically, it feels like you are getting a more pure, full dose [with Omega Cure Extra Strength]. It isn’t hard to believe it’s superior to the fish oil pills.

O3I: We’d love to learn a little more about you. What are some things you enjoy doing regularly?

HA: I’m retired. I live in Florida almost half the year. When I am in Florida, I try to be very active. I spend a lot of time bicycling. I kayak a fair amount. I joined a local kayaking club recently.

O3I: What is your Omega Cure Extra Strength routine? Do you take it in the morning or at night?

HA: Every morning. I really haven’t missed it in, gosh, if I remember right, since I started taking it in February 2015. I take it by itself. It’s not offensive tasting, so I don’t mix it with anything.

O3I: If you were talking with another person interested in trying Omega Cure Extra Strength, what recommendations would you give them about using it?

HA: I have referred several people. I explain that in my particular case after 6 weeks of use, it seemed to have an amazing effect on reducing pain. I attributed the pain relief directly to the oil. I tell them the general properties such as how it compares in terms of quality and purity. I say “try it.”

My brother tried it and told me it didn’t improve his circumstances. But I make it clear that everyone is different. I am a big fan, and whenever I am traveling and there is a group around, I make sure to put a plug in.

Sharing is caring!

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