How Omega Cure Helped One Cyclist Go the Extra Mile, Pain Free

As a financial professional, Allen Olender is in the quantifiable data business. So when Allen started taking Omega Cure, he wanted to see a measurable difference in how the oil was working in his body.

Two months later, Allen said he could see a clear improvement: in the number of miles he could cycle without pain. This is his June 2016 Customer of the Month story.

Omega3 Innovations: What inspired you to try Omega Cure originally?

Allen Olender: We spend a month every winter at Longboat Key, and we visited the Sarasota Farmers Market. I read the literature and actually, I met with Dr. Bo Martinsen and learned a little about the product. Over the years, I had tried taking fish oil capsules, but I never stayed with them, never noticed a difference. The whole concept of the refinement and the quality of the Omega Cure oil was enough to intrigue me to try it.

I had arthritis in my knee. It was the kind of arthritis you couldn’t do anything for because it was at the bottom of the kneecap. And then one of my hips was always aching. I took three Motrin® with a cup of coffee a day. When I saw the literature and was able to talk with the doctor, I said I would give it a try.

This was two years ago. I don’t think I’ve missed a day taking it since.

O3I: What was your experience when you started using Omega Cure?

AO: I noticed a meaningful difference in my ability to do athletic activities pain free.

My outdoor activity of choice is cycling. Prior to taking Omega Cure, after 8 to 10 miles on the bike, my knee was always sore, prompting me to either stop to rest, take some ibuprofen, or just cut the ride short. After two months of taking Omega Cure, it started to hurt me at about 17 or 18 miles. Today, I can knock off 25 to 30 miles without a hitch. No pain, no ibuprofen.

I was able to gage Omega Cure’s effects by the miles. If I didn’t see this with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it.

The Olender family stays active through hikes and bike rides, among other outdoor activities.

O3I: What inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle?

AO: I had my first child when I was 40 and my wife was 33. There are benefits to having children when you are older — you are more established, you have more time. But as my wife said, you want to live to see your kids grow up. That made an impact on me.

I always want to be able to keep up with my kids. That’s important to me as a dad. We ski, we’re an outdoor family, we camp a lot, we love the outdoors.

As we’ve gotten older, I’ve become more conscious about my diet. We eat healthy foods, we’re conscious of sugar content. We’re label readers.

There are so many things to enjoy in life. You can’t do that if your body falls apart. Why wouldn’t you do what you can to give yourself the best chance to enjoy life?

O3I: How do you take your Omega Cure?

AO: I’m a routine kind of person. I leave my keys in the same place, my glasses in the same place. I know what I have to do when I get up every morning.

I take Omega Cure every morning with my supplements between 6:30 and 7:00 am while my coffee is brewing. I take a tablespoon every day. My wife takes two teaspoons.

O3I: What advice would you give to someone who was just starting to take Omega Cure?

AO: Don’t skip it. You have to build up the Omega Cure in your system for it to be effective. Take it every day, and look for the improvements.

This is a good product and it works. I believe in the stuff. I believe in it enough that I tell other people to use it.


Omega3 Innovations is a physician-directed company, dedicated to improving wellness with a unique line of fresh, effective and delicious omega-3 based products.

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