Looking for Dry Eye Relief, She Found Help for Her Joints, Too

When she found out she had dry eyes, Adrienne Stowell took her ophthalmologist’s advice and started using Omega Cure® cod liver oil. Seven months later, Adrienne shares that the oil not only helped her eyes, but made a difference for her aching joints.

In this July 2016 Customer of the Month story, Adrienne shares why she is “very happy” she followed her ophthalmologist’s recommendation.

Omega3 Innovations: We’d love to learn a little more about you. What are some things you enjoy doing regularly?

Adrienne Stowell: My husband and I moved to Florida in October 2014 from Michigan. We really wanted to be out of the cold winters and live somewhere that allowed us to be active year around. We are retired so our main goal is to stay healthy. I enjoy anything that involves being outdoors — flowers, orchid growing, swimming, walking and a good book.

O3I: How did you first hear about Omega Cure and what inspired you to give it a try?

AS: Once we settled in our Florida home, we had work to do in locating new physicians in the area. I needed to locate an ophthalmologist immediately to continue my eye care. I had a few regular visits before hearing that I now had very dry eyes. This had never been an issue before. But now that we were living in Florida, I assume that it had much to do with the move, besides age.

Before leaving the appointment, my eye physician gave me some information and choices for dry eye care. Plus, she mentioned where I could purchase this Omega Cure, which she said she was taking and her son also. I decided to try the Omega Cure. It’s less hassle than [fish oil] pills.

I purchased my first three bottles in January 2016.

O3I: You mentioned that you’ve noticed a difference for your joints and eyes with Omega Cure. Was there a particular aha moment when you felt like you could say, “I know this is working”?

AS: When I was asked [if I was experiencing a difference with Omega Cure], I thought for a moment, “Wow, yes this is working.” I think that was the first time I really realized my right knee is not a problem any longer, my eyes open in the morning with less irritation and dryness, and I am not as stiff when first getting up in the morning.

O3I: What would you say is the primary difference you’ve noticed for your eyes?

AS: I have pressure in my eyes for which I take drops. The Omega Cure seems to make the drops feel more comfortable and soothing.

O3I: How long would you say it took to noticed the change?

AS: I noticed a difference after the first bottle. But by the third bottle, I was convinced I made the right plan for my dry eyes.

O3I: What is your Omega Cure routine? Do you take it with juice or drink it straight?

AS: Omega Cure is light and has such a nice, simple flavor that I take it by itself. I routinely try to take it in the morning, but if for some reason I forget, I take it as soon as I can.

O3I: If you were talking with a person who was interested in trying Omega Cure, what kind of advice would you give them about using the oil?

AS: I have a good friend and mentioned to her that I had found out I have dry eyes. I told her my eye physician recommended this product. My friend said she uses some over-the-counter eye drops, but she was interested in hearing more about Omega Cure. I told her I had been on it for 5 months and that it had helped me not just for dry eyes but joints too.

I said you could take several fish oil pills a day, but why do that when this Omega Cure is so pure, light and beneficial for all-over-body help? I let her know that I have been on it long enough that it is helping me in other ways besides my eyes. She did purchase six bottles — three for herself and three for her husband.


Omega3 Innovations is a physician-directed company, dedicated to improving wellness with a unique line of fresh, effective and delicious omega-3 based products.

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