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BY omega3innovations Dec 31, 2015

“I’m in Better Health Now Than I Was at 40:” A Husband and Wife Team Share Their Omega Cure Story

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When their daughter first told them to start using Omega Cure for their aches and pains, Mary Ann was skeptical. Could a fish oil make a difference for her arthritic hands and for her husband, who was just starting on chemotherapy for treating his leukemia?

Five years later, Mary Ann and Timothy say they have transformed their health. This is their December 2015 Customer of the Month story:

Timothy and Mary Ann | December 2015 Customer of the Month
Timothy and Mary Ann, posing with an oil painting by their daughter.

Omega3 Innovations: How did you first get introduced to Omega Cure?

Mary Ann C: Our daughter. She’s the one who got us started on it. My daughter was working out of Kansas City. And when she went to Kansas, she felt horrible that weekend. Somebody she worked with said she should try the Omega Cure oil. He gave her some of his oil, and she started feeling so much better.

I was of course skeptical. I’m allergic to fish. I said, “I don’t think it will work.”

She said, “Just try a little bit.” I tried a little bit, and I didn’t have a bad reaction.

Timothy C: Our daughter gave us some of her oil for a while, before we could get our own supply.

MAC: I was just amazed that I could take the Omega Cure fish oil. I cannot do glucosamine because that’s made out of shellfish.

O3I: What happened when you started using the Omega Cure?

MAC: My daughter told me it would help my aching hands. And she was right.

TC: It took it away almost overnight!

MAC: Well, it took a while…

On a cold, cold day, I still have to use a heating pad and put my hands on it. On these really cold days, you’ve got to expect that. But the oil is helping my joints. Instead of both hands being unusable, I now have only one finger that I have to be careful with.

TC: I used to have trouble with my lower legs and feet too. It was hard to exercise and walk or do anything. Then I was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. The doctor told me, “You’ve got two months to live.” That was in August of 2011.

The doctor said, “We don’t know what is setting off your immune system. We’ll start you on a weak chemo.”

At the same time, he told me, “Don’t do boxed cereals or anything with artificial sweeteners.” Sausages, ham, bacon – that all had to go. And we started with all natural foods.

The doctor said, if you can start with a natural fish oil too, that would be beneficial. I got on the Omega Cure.

I never had to stop taking the oil in the middle of the chemo. Banana smoothies and fish oil, that’s what I lived on.

After two months of chemo, the doctor took the blood and looked at it. The white blood cell count was normal. Some combination of the chemo and the new diet had made the difference. I still had to have chemo twice a month for 6 months though.

A lot of people here in the retirement community have the jitters. It’s either old age or degenerative nerve disease. They expected I would be in the same shape after the chemo. But it never became a problem. I guess you could attribute that to an extremely clean diet and the oil.

O3I: I remember reading in our notes that you had seen a difference for your skin too with the Omega Cure. Could you tell us more about that?

MAC: I don’t have to use hand cream anymore like I used to. Before I started using Omega Cure, I would go through hand cream like nothing else.

TC: Your fingernails would crack.

MAC: That doesn’t happen any more.

TC: You can’t just take the fish oil and continue abusing yourself. If you are going to continue eating contaminated food, you’re wasting your time. The oil is a catalyst to get the other stuff working.

We’re in a retirement park. We’re one of two families that get off and do anything. We can ride on our bicycles for three or four miles and not see another person.

There’s an exercise class we go to three times a week. I’m out of there with all these girls. None of the other men will go. I’ve tried to convince people to try this stuff [the Omega Cure]. But when people retire, they get so stubborn. How close to death do you have to get for you to listen?

If you could see 300 people pushing their walkers while we are whizzing by on our bikes, you’ve got to think, there is something we are doing right.

O3I: Had you ever tried taking any other kind of omega-3 product before Omega Cure?

MAC: My husband took cod liver oil growing up.

TC: The doctor said I needed vitamin D, which is why I took the cod liver oil. It stunk to high heaven. It was awful!

And then, we got the [fish oil] capsules. One time, one of the capsules broke open in my mouth. It was like 10,000 dead plants jumped up my nose all at once. It was like something died on the beach on a hot August afternoon – that was what this pill was like.

That’s why I was so reluctant to take the Omega Cure. I thought it would be the same thing.

MAC: It has no fishy taste.

TC: It has no taste to speak of.

O3I: How do you take your Omega Cure?

MAC: I have this green shot glass. I fill it up three or four teaspoons. We drink that straight. I drink it before I eat any food in the morning. My husband likes to take it after he’s had something to eat.

O3I: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in trying Omega Cure?

MAC: I’m a firm believer in doing what you can do naturally. Pills are not a natural thing. Because I don’t have to take the arthritis pills, I won’t take the arthritis pills. I would rather take the Omega Cure and naturally alleviate the arthritis.

TC: I’m running around here like a 40 year old guy. I’m in better health now than I was at 40. I would say the Omega Cure is a huge part of that.

Sharing is caring!

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