Omega Cure vs. Omega Cure Extra Strength: What’s the Best Omega-3 Product for Me?

At Omega3 Innovations, we love to help people experience the benefits of fresh, full-spectrum omega-3s because we’ve felt the difference it’s made in our lives. However, we also realize that ‘one size does not fit all.’ That’s why we offer our Omega Cure fish oil in several presentations, including vials with melatonin and microbiome-friendly cookies.

What’s the best product for you? Let’s break down the differences between two of our most popular products, Omega Cure® in the classic 8.5 oz bottle and Omega Cure Extra Strength:

Omega Cure Extra Strength Pros

Omega Cure and Omega Cure Extra Strength are similar in many ways; most importantly, both products contain the same exceptionally fresh, full-spectrum cod liver oil. That being said, Omega Cure Extra Strength has several advantages, thanks to its innovative packaging:

Simplified Dosing

As we’ve stressed throughout the years, the benefits associated with taking omega-3 supplements are dose dependent. This means, whether you take 1, 2 or 3 teaspoons of Omega Cure can make a crucial difference as to what kinds of results you see. If we had a penny for every time a customer reported not noticing much of a difference taking just 2 teaspoons of Omega Cure and then started experiencing significant results with an extra teaspoons, we’d be a Fortune 500 company by now!

Each vial of Omega Cure Extra Strength delivers 3000 mg of EPA/DHA omega-3, conveniently pre-measured for you. Since this amount covers the omega-3 needs of most adults, Omega Cure Extra Strength presents the simplest way to get an effective daily dose.

Added Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is another commonly needed nutrient, particularly known for its role in promoting bone health and supporting the immune system. That’s why we add an additional 1400 IUs of vitamin D3 to each vial. For folks interested in increasing their vitamin D intake without having to consume multiple supplements, Omega Cure Extra Strength makes an easy winner.

Travel-Friendly Liquid Fish Oil

If you travel regularly, Omega Cure Extra Strength is your best bet for staying consistent. TSA will let you bring up to 7 vials in a Ziplock bag through airport security. In addition, the vials have a 14-day shelf life at room temperature, which is great news if you don’t have access to a refrigerator or freezer.

Protection from Oxidation

Do you ever forget to take your Omega Cure? We hope not, but…we also know that life happens. The nice thing about Omega Cure Extra Strength is that each dose remains sealed until you crack it open. As a result, you don’t expose all of the oil in your supply to oxygen in one go, helping keep each daily dose fresher for longer.


If you don’t like having to mess around with spoons and measuring utensils (or cleaning up afterwards), the Omega Cure Extra Strength vials are for you. You can drink straight from each vial and then toss it in the recycling bin once you are done.

Omega Cure Pros

Although we believe that most adults benefit from choosing Omega Cure Extra Strength, there are several instances when the classic Omega Cure bottle is your best choice:

Personalized Omega-3 Dosing

Through 10+ years of being in business, we’ve found that the majority of our adult customers get the best results when they consistently consume 3000 mg of EPA/DHA from our products. That being said, for children and young adults, a lower dose may be more appropriate. In addition, for some adults with particular health issues, increasing the dose beyond the 3000 mg mark can help as well. For this reason, we often recommend Omega Cure to people who need more or less than 3000 mg daily and want to personalize their dose.

Note: We recommend ½ teaspoon for children ages 1 – 4 and 1 teaspoon for children ages 5 – 15, unless a health practitioner advises otherwise.

Great for Families

Omega Cure is also a great fit for families with different dosing needs (i.e. a parent sharing the bottle with a child, or families with multiple children). Some people even like to give Omega Cure to their pets, in which case, we definitely suggest choosing the 8.5 oz bottle. The bottle has a nice “lip,” which makes pouring small doses onto a spoon or plate easy.

Which product uses less glass?

Today, we’re all aware of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle, starting first and foremost with reducing the amount of packaging we consume. Here at Omega3 Innovations, we care about that as well.

To that end, it might surprise you to learn that the Omega Cure Extra Strength vials consume less glass than the 8.5 oz bottle for an equivalent number of servings. With each Omega Cure bottle weighing about 306 g and each Omega Cure Extra Strength vial weighing 13 g, one bottle consists of as much glass as approximately 23 vials! The 8.5 oz bottle contains about 18 vials worth of oil; this means Omega Cure Extra Strength uses less glass than the larger bottle if you are consuming the recommended daily dose for adults.

What’s the best price?

Many people might assume that buying Omega Cure is automatically cheaper than buying Omega Cure Extra Strength. And yes, we’ll admit that bottling big bottles is less time consuming than bottling vials. Nonetheless, we have tried to price both products about the same so that the question can come down to what’s the best choice for you.

When you buy Omega Cure on our subscription program, the cost is $129.00 for 3 bottles, which breaks down to approximately $2.30 per daily 13.4 ml dose. With our Omega Cure Extra Strength Subscription, the price breaks down to $2.28 for the same 13.4 ml dose.

What About Omega Restore?

While Omega Cure and Omega Cure Extra Strength are our two most popular products at this time, Omega Restore with melatonin is quickly catching up. Omega Restore has the same price point and benefits as Omega Cure Extra Strength; however, the added melatonin also makes a significant difference for many customers over age 40.

You can learn more about the exciting research surround Omega Restore here.

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