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Category: Omega3 Innovations News

Bo Martinsen, MD Jan 5,2017

Omega-3 Plus Melatonin: Introducing Omega Restore

As 2017 begins, we are excited to announce a new addition to the Omega3 Innovations family: A separate line of Omega Cure® Extra Strength vials called Omega Restore. Omega Restore combines our fresh Omega Cure with another super-nutrient, namely melatonin....Read full article


10 Years of Omega3 Innovations: Looking Back and Forward to the Future

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving as a holiday when I take time to reflect and count my blessings. But this Thanksgiving, I am feeling more sentimental than usual. That’s because 2016 marks Omega3 Innovations’ 10th year in business. When Bo and...Read full article


Tips for Overcoming Your Struggle with Oily Textures

I have a confession to make: Some days, I don’t like drinking my Omega Cure® cod liver oil straight. Yes, that’s right. I, the co-founder of Omega3 Innovations, have a texture problem. And in spite of working with omega-3 for...Read full article

omega3innovations Sep 27,2016

How to Recycle Your Omega Cure Packaging

Reduce, reuse and recycle. We’ve all heard the three Rs before. And most of us have good intentions about minimizing waste. Often though, our best intentions are thwarted by a lack of recycling know-how. To make it easier on the...Read full article


How to Determine If Omega Cure Is Making a Difference

Whenever we pick up a new habit to improve our health - be it working out with weights, cutting down on refined sugar, or taking one tablespoon of Omega Cure® every day - we know it’s going to take time to see...Read full article

omega3innovations Jun 16,2016

Why We Updated Our Omega Cookie® Packaging

It’s been a time of exciting change for our Oatfish line here at Omega3 Innovations. Last week, we said goodbye to our old Omega Cookie boxes and hello to new travel-friendly Omega Cookie bags. So what’s different? Each of our...Read full article

omega3innovations May 19,2016

How Fresh Is Omega Cure? Check Your Bottle’s Oxidation Label

We have exciting news! This week, we shipped our first Omega Cure® bottles and boxes with attached oxidation labels, allowing you to check the freshness level of your oil. So what’s this oxidation label all about? Our goal in creating...Read full article

Bo Martinsen, MD Apr 18,2016

Why We Take a Fine Wine Approach to Manufacturing Omega-3

My interest in nutrition was first sparked during medical school in Bordeaux, France. At the old university, my professors insisted there was more to medicine than just writing prescriptions. We learned that food should be an important part of treating...Read full article

Bo Martinsen, MD Apr 13,2016

Making Sense of Fish Oil Oxidation Values

A few weeks ago, a fish oil manufacturer visited our office in Florida and gave us two samples of a supposedly super fresh, award winning fish oil. Would we be interested in using the oil in our Omega3 Innovations products,...Read full article

omega3innovations Feb 1,2016

Shipping “From Norway to Your Doorway” in Fair and Foul Weather

On Friday last week, we received some bad news. Our fresh Omega Cure cod liver oil would not be arriving on schedule, thanks to a monster storm hitting Norway. Storm Tor - aptly named after the Norse god of thunder...Read full article