Be Consistent and Measure Precisely: An Omega Cure User Shares Her Tips for Keeping Arthritis At Bay

An event rider, business owner, and fitness class regular, Lynn Blades is a woman on the go. And for nearly 10 years, Lynn has been taking a spoonful of Omega Cure cod liver oil every day to help keep her moving comfortably.

In this September Customer of the Month story, Lynn shares what she has learned over the years about keeping arthritis pain away.

Omega3 Innovations: How did you get started using Omega Cure?

Lynn Blades: It was 2006. We started using your Wellpride fish oil for our competition horses. Somewhere along those years, I was introduced to Omega Cure.

I was trying to keep my body healthy and fit for the riding I was doing, and I realized that the arthritis that I had inherited from my mom and dad would soon catch up with me. So I started using Omega Cure, and have continued using it ever since.

The arthritis hasn’t caught up with me yet.

O3I: What kind of riding did you do?

LB: I did eventing for twenty, thirty years. I actually had several Hall of Fame horses. I didn’t ride them all the way to the higher levels because I also had a full time family business. But I owned some horses that did compete at the highest levels. Now the horses are retired.

O3I: What was your initial experience with Omega Cure?

LB: Well, in 2007, I suggested the oil to my sister, who was also into eventing and horses. She had suffered from arthritis for years. Her husband confided to me that she would wake up in the morning and she couldn’t move. She was taking heavy drugs for the pain.

Within a month of using the oil, she noticed a big difference. She has used it since as well, and was one of the first people to give you a testimonial!

O3I: I know for some people, it can be hard to notice a difference after they’ve been on the oil for a while. But you mentioned that you had a chance to re-experience Omega Cure’s benefits some time ago. Can you tell us more about that?

LB: For me, the oil is the most consistent thing I do for myself every day. I take a spoonful every morning. When I traveled, I took the bottle with me and put ice around it – that was before you had the Omega Cure Extra Strength vials of course.

But a little over a year ago – by this time I had retired – I was going to the YMCA for spin and yoga classes four times a week. I would get up in the morning, and my ankles just hurt awful.

At one point, I had a conversation with Dr. Chalmers, and in talking with her, she questioned me as to how much I was taking. I had been taking about a spoonful of oil each morning, not really measuring it exactly. She mentioned it’s quite common not to get the proper dose when you are pouring it onto the spoon.

I increased my dose to a tablespoon a day, measuring it exactly with a shot glass. Within a few weeks, I noticed improvements in the pain in my ankles – and it was a significant difference. The increase in oil was the only change I made. I take no medications or drugs, only good quality vitamins and eat a good diet with lots of vegetables.

I go once a year to the doctor for a checkup. I mentioned the fish oil story, and he said, that the oil had a lot to do with the good readings for my age.

O3I: What advice would you give to someone starting out using Omega Cure?

LB: Really stay with the oil for at least one month. And take it first thing in the morning. It’s a habit that’s worthwhile keeping.

I tell that to people who are looking into fish oil. A lot of people think they’ve got to go to Walmart for a bottle of capsules because it’s cheaper. But then they don’t stick with it, and they don’t see results.

I really admire your product and the research you’ve put into it. It’s just top quality. And I don’t mind paying a little more for that – especially when I’m seeing results.

I’m grateful that I’ve had these years with the oil that have helped me keep moving comfortably.


Omega3 Innovations is a physician-directed company, dedicated to improving wellness with a unique line of fresh, effective and delicious omega-3 based products.

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