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BY Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD Sep 29, 2017

We’ve Upgraded Our Omega Cure Cod Liver Oil

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In December 2016, my husband and business partner, Dr. Bo Martinsen, walked into my office.

“I’ve done it,” he said, a look of glee on his face. He produced a sampling cup of Omega Cure® for me to try.

It looked the same, it smelled the same, it tasted the same. But I knew, this oil was quite different.

It was our new and improved, patent-pending Omega Cure.


For over a decade now, Bo and I have dedicated Omega3 Innovations to producing the world’s freshest, full spectrum fish oil. Every aspect of our business goes into preserving its pristine freshness and nutritional integrity.

For all of these years though, there have been a few aspects of our oil that we wanted to improve:

1) We wanted to standardize Omega Cure so it would be more consistent from batch to batch.

2) We wanted to standardize Omega Cure so that we could conduct clinical trials and better measure the effects of our oil in comparison to other fish oils.

3) We wanted to better control Omega Cure, from initial catch through the purification process.

We have spent several years working together with the best minds of the Norwegian fishing industry. And today, we are proud to present to you this upgraded, patent-pending version of Omega Cure.

What’s New:

Each Omega Cure dose delivers a standardized amount of EPA/DHA.

As a natural cod liver oil, the amount of EPA and DHA in each dose of our old Omega Cure oil could fluctuate. That’s because the oil composition would vary, depending on any changes in the diet of the cod it came from.

Today, we are still using a natural cod liver oil to make Omega Cure. But now, we are able to ensure that every tablespoon of Omega Cure contains the full 3000 mg of EPA and DHA. Not only is this positive in providing you with a more consistent experience, it also means we will be able to use Omega Cure in clinical trials.

From a research viewpoint, this last point is particularly significant. So much of the present day omega-3 research is confusing not only for the average consumer, but also for scientists because of the lack of standardization. Too often we read omega-3 research articles where the EPA/DHA doses are not specified, much less the oxidation levels. Having a standardized oil with precise levels of EPA, DHA and other important fatty acids (as well as measuring the oxidation levels close to the time of consumption) could transform omega-3 research and make the science clearer for everyone.

Each dose contains an even ratio of EPA to DHA.

Different fish oils have different fatty acid profiles, and cod liver oil naturally contains more DHA than EPA. With our old Omega Cure oil, you would get 1800 mg of DHA to 1200 mg of EPA in each tablespoon. With today’s updated oil, you get an even ratio, meaning 1500 mg of EPA to 1500 of DHA in each tablespoon serving.

EPA and DHA work together in the cell, along with other types of omega-3 and nutrient co-factors. But since research indicates EPA is more instrumental to fighting inflammation, your updated Omega Cure should provide even more potent anti-inflammatory benefits.

We have added vitamin D to Omega Cure Extra Strength and Omega Restore.

As we’ve mentioned in past blogs, one of the key nutrients in cod liver oil is vitamin D. In fact, long before doctors knew about omega-3 fatty acids, they were recommending cod liver oil as a tool for fighting rickets because of the oil’s potent vitamin D content.

Unfortunately, most of the natural vitamin D in cod liver oil is lost due to the necessary refining and purification of the oil. With Omega Cure Extra Strength and Omega Restore™ though, we have added it back with 1400 IUs of vitamin D3 per vial.

Omega3 Innovations co-founders fresh full-spectrum full dose fish oil

On the whiteboard behind me and Bo, you can see the four guiding principles that we focus on in creating Omega Cure: Fish, Freshness, Full Dose, Full-Spectrum.

What’s the Same:

Omega Cure is exceptionally fresh.

We have been committed to making the world’s freshest fish oil for 10 + years, and our updated Omega Cure continues to maintain that vision. Each batch of Omega Cure has a peroxide value between 0.1 – 0.3, making it the equivalent to eating fresh fish and placing it in a class by itself when compared to other omega-3 products.

Why do we make such a big fuss about freshness? In simple terms, part of what makes omega-3 fatty acids potent are their ability to move inside the cell membrane. If the molecules become oxidized, their ability to move normally is seriously impaired, impacting the potency of the oil. In addition, if the oil oxidizes, harmful byproducts form that can have detrimental health effects.

Omega Cure has no fishy taste or smell.

Because of Omega Cure’s exceptional freshness, it has no fishy taste or smell. We’ve been passionate about this point for years because we believe that an appealing taste and smell are key to people being able to consume an effective daily dose.

Omega Cure contains more than 100 different naturally occurring fatty acids and nutrient co-factors (including DPA, GLA, omega-7 and omega-9).

You’ve probably heard us refer to Omega Cure as a full-spectrum oil. What does that mean exactly?

Well, when fish oils and cod liver oils are processed, they are often skimmed, concentrated and chemically manipulated in such a way that the oil loses many of the naturally occurring fatty acids that you find in fish. With Omega Cure, we gently process the oil so that we maintain all of these fatty acids in the original balance that you find in cod liver oil. This is vital, since omega-3 studies show that you obtain greater potency when you have all fatty acids instead of just a single one.

Omega Cure is pristinely pure.

The purity of Omega Cure is something that has always been an important consideration in creating our oil. Similarly to how Omega Cure was produced in the past, each batch of Omega Cure is purified twice, ensuring it is rid of all PCBs, mercury, and pesticides. After the purification process, it is third-party evaluated in Norway to ensure the oil meets all government and industry standards for contaminants. This includes the strict requirements of the Norwegian government, which actively promotes cod liver oil to pregnant women and infants.


Going forward, you will be seeing the updated labels on our products. However, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send us an email. We are always happy to talk with you!

fresh full spectrum fish oil dose omega 3 innovations

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