3 Bottles of Omega Cure

Great for families with different dosing needs.

Omega Cure Subscription


  • 3 bottles at $37.95/bottle
  • $2.23 per 15 ml serving
  • Ultra-fresh cod liver oil
  • Full-spectrum
  • Effective dose
  • Mix into juices or enjoy plain



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Enjoy big savings on Omega Cure when you enroll in our subscription program and order three bottles at a time. Shipped at the recurring time interval of your choosing, the Omega Cure Subscription allows you to enjoy your daily dose of fresh, full-spectrum cod liver oil at a reduced price and without needing to worry about running out.

Recommended Dose

The recommended daily dose for adults is 2-3 teaspoons of Omega Cure.
For children between ages 1-4, take 1/2 teaspoon daily. For children ages 5-15, take 1 teaspoon daily.

Care Tips

Depending on the temperature, Omega Cure may congeal in the refrigerator. This is normal for all extra-virgin oils. If you find that the oil is excessively congealed and hard to pour, let the bottle thaw at room temperature for about 10-15 minutes before taking the oil.

Take your Omega Cure at the same time every day, preferably with food.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 teaspoons (15ml)
Serving per container 17

Amt per Serving
% Daily Value
1200 mg
not established
1800 mg
not established
Other Omega-3
not established
Vitamin A

Calories 8 kcal/ml Traces of vitamin D, E and lecithin rosemary extracts, ascorbbyk palmitate

The Dose You Need to Feel a Difference

Most fish oil capsules don’t contain enough omega-3 to deliver results, at least if you only take one a day. In contrast, each recommended three-teaspoon dose of Omega Cure provides 3000 mg of EPA/DHA omega-3. That’s equivalent to taking 8-10 regular fish oil capsules or eating a 5-6 ounce fillet of wild-caught salmon.

No Fishy Taste or Smell

You wouldn’t eat fish if it smelled bad, right? Your omega-3 fish oil should be no different. If it smells fishy, that’s a typical sign that the oil is rancid. Omega Cure is made from freshly-caught, wild Norwegian cod. Once you taste and smell it, it’s easy to tell that you’re getting the world’s freshest omega-3 oil. It is so pure that you can enjoy it mixed with juice, yogurt, or drink it straight.

Taking Freshness to a New Level

Here at Omega3 Innovations, we are fresh obsessed. No other brand can rival our oil’s extremely low oxidation levels. To achieve exceptional freshness, we start with the finest raw materials. We process ever so carefully to avoid damage that could be caused by excess heat, light, or oxygen. We ship directly to you. Each Omega Cure bottle is marked with its bottling date, and the green sticker will tell you the freshness measurements of your batch.

From Norway to Your Doorway

Omega Cure comes from wild cod caught off the northwest coast of Norway, following the strict sustainable fishing regulations of the Norwegian government. After the fish are harvested, the cod livers are individually inspected before going on to squeezing. The oil is then purified in small batches with limited exposure to air and light, ensuring the lowest oxidation levels in the industry.

A Full-Spectrum Oil

Did you know most cod liver and fish oils on the market are heavily processed? In fact, between 10 to 70 percent of the nutrients typically get skimmed away during the manufacturing process, resulting in poor potency. In comparison, gently processed Omega Cure retains a fuller range of the omega-3 family and nutrient cofactors. It’s the omega-3 equivalent of a whole grain loaf in a white bread world.