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For Individuals

Simple Monthly Plans for 1 adult

Omega Cure Extra Strength Monthly Subscription

$79.00/Month 4 Boxes. 28 Doses
With Melatonin

Omega Restore Monthly Subscription

$79.00/Month 4 Boxes. 28 Doses

Omega Cure Subscription

Big Savings on Big Quantities

Omega Cure Extra Strength Subscription

$144.00/Subscription 9 Boxes. 63 Doses.

Pre-measured dose for adults
Also contains 1400 IUs vitamin D
Convenient and travel-friendly
Good for itchy eyes and skin

Omega Cure Subscription

$129.00/Subscription 3 Bottles. 51 Doses.

Ideal for families and children
Good for personalizing dose
Helps ease aching joints
Easy to mix with foods or enjoy plain

With Melatonin

Omega Restore Subscription

$144.00/Subscription 9 Boxes. 63 Doses.

Best for people over age 40
With 2, 3, 5, or 9 mg melatonin
Improves sleep quality & energy
Potentiates omega-3 benefits

Cookies & More Subscriptions

Powerful Medicine from Nature. Approved by Foodies.

Omega Cookie Subscription

$64.00/Subscription 4 Bags. 28 Cookies

2000 mg EPA/DHA per cookie
Certified gluten-free
Rich in soluble fiber

Omega Passion Subscription

$71.80/Subscription 4 Tins. 80 Truffles

300 mg EPA/DHA per truffle
A feel-good snack or dessert
Made with non-alkalized chocolate

Omega Heaven Subscription

$139.95/Subscription 6 Bags. 60 Cookies

1000 mg EPA/DHA per cookie
Certified gluten-free
Made with non-alkalized chocolate

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