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The Omega Restore subscription provides a 9-week supply, delivering all the benefits of Omega Cure, vitamin D3 and melatonin.

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3000 mg EPA/DHA
1400 IUs Vitamin D3
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Subscription offers unbeatable convenience and wallet-friendly prices, so you can enjoy Omega Restore regularly.

Recommended Use

Take one vial nightly before bedtime. Do not use if pregnant or lactating, or give to children, without conferring with your physician first.

Care Tips

Omega Restore has a 14-day shelf life at room temperature. For optimal freshness, store Omega Restore in the refrigerator. In the fridge, the vials keep fresh for up to 6 months.

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Bo & Anne-Marie


Developing Omega Restore was something of an accident. In our quest to find more ways to protect the freshness level of our omega-3 oil, Bo stumbled on melatonin. Turns out, melatonin is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants!

The more we learned about melatonin, the more fascinated we became. Melatonin plays many roles in our body as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory agent, and sleep regulator.

While we originally took melatonin pills together with our daily dose of Omega Cure, we discovered that the magic happened when we infused melatonin directly into the oil. Now, Omega Restore is the product we use ourselves every night.


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For one adult taking 1 vial daily, the 9-week plan is best.

If you want to customize your subscription or try a mix of different melatonin levels, please call us at 941.485.4400 or email us at

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Yes! If you find that a different frequency would work better for you, you can always adjust your plan. Just give us a call or email, and we’ll take care of it for you!

You can pause, cancel or reactivate your subscription from your account online. To make additional changes, please give us a call or email us.

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Omega Restore Subscription


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Customer reviews

10 reviews for Omega Restore Subscription

Omega Restore Subscription
5 out of 5
by Theresa Kean on Sep 06, 2023

I began taking Omega 3 Innovations about 6 years ago at the urging of my Retina Specialist. I developed an autoimmune disease in my left eye and as a result of that condition, I had an extremely dry, swollen, red, irritated left eye. My doctor suggested Omega 3 Innovations to help produce tears and it has worked very well. My symptoms have improved and I also reap the benefit of excellent cholesterol and many other health benefits. The product is convenient, easy to take, and assists in maintaining good health. Why would you NOT try it?

by Omega3 Innovations on Sep 07, 2023

Thank you for the kind review, Theresa! We are thrilled that you have experienced such great results for your eyes and cholesterol since taking Omega Restore. Helping people feel a positive health difference is why we create these products in the first place. So thank you again for sharing your story with us. :)

Omega Restore Subscription
5 out of 5
by Melinda on Sep 01, 2023

I have been on auto-ship for Omega Restore and my sleep is so improved; I do wake during the night, but fall back to sleep with no problem. Also, I've had 2 eye issues that have resolved; can't say for certain, but I believe it is due to regular omega use (which my optometrist urged me to take). This is a high-quality product, and customer service is awesome. Thank you for a wonderful product!

by Omega3 Innovations on Sep 01, 2023

What a wonderful update, Melinda! We're so glad to hear that Omega Restore has been making a positive difference for your sleep and eyes. Thank you for taking the time to share and for your kind words for our customer service team too. :)

Omega Restore Subscription
5 out of 5
by Marianne on Aug 09, 2023

I love the Omega-3, melatonin so much! I sleep so much better. Many thanks!

by Omega3 Innovations on Aug 10, 2023

That's great, Marianne! Thank you for taking the time to share your Omega Restore experience with us.

Omega Restore Subscription!
5 out of 5
by Linda on Jul 26, 2023

Since taking the Omega Restore, my Omega-3 index numbers are the best of all the patients in my doctor's practice!

by Omega3 Innovations on Jul 27, 2023

That's wonderful to hear, Linda! Congratulations on your excellent numbers. We're glad you are doing well with Omega Restore. :)

Review title*
5 out of 5
by Chris Enriquez on Jun 25, 2023

Best product I've ever taken, lowered my triglycerides from 5000 to 268.

by Omega3 Innovations on Jun 26, 2023

What amazing news, Chris! We're so happy to hear how well Omega Restore worked for you.