10 Omega-3 Related Things I’m Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Growing up as the daughter of a Presbyterian minister, Thanksgiving was the most low-key, low-stress celebration of the holiday season for my family.

Years later, I still consider it such. Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving remains less commercial than the rest of the holidays. You get to spend time with family and friends without thinking about finding the right gifts and the right decorations. Or, maybe my love affair with Thanksgiving stems from the unmissable focus on attitude.

Thanksgiving gives you a swift kick in the pants when it comes to re-examining your focus. As a regular worry wart, I find that the act of being grateful puts my worries in perspective. If I’m focusing on being thankful, it leaves less space in my head to meditate on the coulda-wouda-shouda aspects of life. And that makes me happier and more relaxed.

Sitting back and reflecting on the past 12 months, I realize it’s been quite a year for our growing company and Omega3 Innovations family. You are all a part of that! As such, I wanted to share with you some of things I am especially appreciative of this Thursday (yes, you’re on the list).

1. Your stories. When Bo and I talk after work, it is always a thrill for us to recount the emails and phone calls we received from customers, reporting the difference they have been experiencing taking Omega Cure or eating Omega Cookies. We’ve heard some of the most heartwarming stories this year. One customers told us that he finally qualified for life insurance after years of being denied for having too high lipid levels. A coupled shared that their 8-year-old daughter started performing better in school after eating the Omega Cookies. A grandmother told me she can grip her toothbrush again after struggling with arthritis pain. A fellow CEO said he dropped 25 pounds just adding Omega3 Innovations products to his diet. These stories inspire us to keep going and creating. Thank you for sharing them with us!

2. New and old employees, for their consistent, quality-minded and excellent customers service. This year, we’ve welcomed four new employees to our Omega3 Innovations team. Together with the old employees who have stuck with us through thick and thin over the past years, they are a powerhouse. We’re proud and grateful to have what we feel to be our strongest team yet working together towards a common goal.

3. Wonderful local customers who joined us at the Omega Cure Extra Strength launch party and video shoot. We appreciated their support and enthusiasm by coming to our our events.

Some of the wonderful folks who joined for the Omega Cure Extra Strength film shoot. 

4. Our Omega Cookie patent. In June, we finally secured our patent for the Omega Cookie and the process that allows us to create all our oat fish products, including the Omega Heaven and Omega Passion chocolates. It took five years of research, development, waiting, and praying for that patent to come in the mail. But the wait was well worth it. The patent officially stamps our product line as unique worldwide.

5. Good health. As physicians, Bo and I don’t take our health for granted. We’re glad for our continued good health, the health of our employees, and the fact that we’re able to continue making a positive difference for the health of our customers.

6. All of you who advocate for our company by sharing your Omega Cure bottles and success stories with friends, family, and online. As a small business, we can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate this word-of-mouth support.

7. Friends who voted for us to win the Mission Main Street Grant, putting us in the running to win a $250,000 grant as a small business. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for more positive news!

8. The bakery staff. Our bakery team has been working hard to create and market several limited edition flavors this year, including one cherry-chocolate Omega Heaven cookie and three limited edition Omega Cookies. That’s quite a lot of products to churn out in 12 months! Of course, we’re also thankful for all the people who ate them.

9. Freshness becoming a recognized issue. After years of talking about oxidization levels, we’re finally seeing freshness become a buzzword within the omega-3 community. At least one new study has documented the effects of fresh oil compared to rancid oil, and more papers are now covering the topic worldwide. We’re grateful that more people are becoming aware of the importance of fresh fish oil and its health benefits.

10. Opportunities to come. We’re excited about the opportunities ahead this coming year. Among them, we’re looking forward to giving back to the community by working together with the YMCA to give Omega Cookies to disadvantaged children. We’re also excited about the new user-friendly website our developers are building. The new website should mean a much better experience for all our customers.

Between the turkey and the pumpkin pie, I hope you will also have a moment to feel grateful this week. We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD

Born and raised in the United States, Dr. Chalmers graduated from Brown University and completed her medical training at the University of Oslo in Norway. Dr. Chalmers practiced medicine for many years, serving both at high-tech hospitals and as a community health worker in rural Norway. Together with Dr. Martinsen, she later co-founded Wellpride LLLP dba Omega3 Innovations and is the joint holder of several patents that facilitate the ingestion of multiple medication combinations. Today, she serves as the president of Omega3 Innovations.

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