How Omega Cure Helped Boost a Sport Lover’s Recovery Time

A lifelong lover of sports with two teenage sons in the house, Andy Strauser knows a thing or two about staying fit. When Andy added Omega Cure® cod liver oil and Omega Cookie® to his diet, however, he noticed a difference in his workout. His post-exercise recovery time was improving.

In this February 2016 Customer of the Month story, Andy shares his Omega Cure and Omega Cookie experience.

Omega3 Innovations: What made you decide to try Omega Cure initially?

Andy Strauser: I moved to Sarasota in 2009, and I started going to the farmers market. I had a friend who was a personal trainer. He recommended you guys as a great option for me, as well as my sons, to get all the health benefits associated with omega-3s.

It was right at the time when I was stepping up my level of health consciousness. I had already changed my way of eating – no fried foods, limit red meat and bad carbs, infrequent sweets, that type of thing.

I started with shots of the Omega Cure oil, and then once I found out about the breakfast cookies, I added those too.

O3I: Besides focusing on eating a good diet and getting your omega-3s, you seem to have a pretty active lifestyle.

AS: I have two boys – one 7th grader and one 11th grader – and we try to stay active as much as possible. Whenever there is time, we play basketball or hit tennis balls. I am a member at the YMCA. I work out at least 5 days a week. But I try to mix it up. I primarily do weight training, basketball, TRX classes, cycling and running, but I will do anything to add variety. I’ll run the bridge or the beach for a change of venue. When needed, I coach my son’s sports teams too.

When something clicks and you’re able to make it a part of your lifestyle, then you stick with it. I find it is extremely beneficial for me to exercise in the morning. I don’t drink coffee, so exercise gets me in a great mindset mentally and physically.

O3I: Speaking of things that “click,” how do the Omega Cookies and Omega Cure fit into your daily routine?

AS: The cookies are so good, they’re a great option for breakfast. I’ll have a banana and an Omega Cookie.

Ever since you launched Omega Cure Extra Strength last August, I like the vials as a way to get my daily omega-3 dose too. I had been doing the bigger Omega Cure bottles for years. But now, I predominantly like to get the oil in the vials. I will take a vial with my morning shake.

O3I: I understand you’ve gotten your sons to eat the Omega Cookies too.

AS: I am aware of several studies that suggest the omega-3s improve focus and concentration in children. I started my sons with Omega Cure in their morning orange juice many years ago, but once we tried the cookies, that was definitely their preferred choice.

My oldest son eats the Omega Cookies up every day. He loves them. My youngest is not so keen on them. But both of them are in great shape, and they are doing extremely well academically. My oldest has found theatre and loves it. He is an actor in the Booker High School VPA program and stays fit with the rigors of performing. My youngest loves to play football and keeps in shape playing other sports like basketball and soccer in the off-season.

O3I: Have you noticed a difference since you started using Omega Cure and eating the Omega Cookies?

AS: The Omega Cookies and Omega Cure are part of the whole regimen of what I’m doing. I think overall, I’m sick less often.

As we get older, there’s often more joint pain and aches too. I haven’t been off Omega Cure long enough that I’ve had to face those regular aches and pains. But before [I started Omega Cure], I would feel more joint pain, just from being active. So that is something I would say is noticeably different and noticeably absent.

O3I: Had you ever tried taking another kind of omega-3 product before Omega Cure?

AS: I grew up with cod liver oil. My parents gave me a teaspoon of that in the morning. We avoided it when we could. You had to hold your nose to swallow it.

As an adult, I had also taken some fish oil pills. But never on a regular basis. It was really ad hoc. And when I did that, I always had the burping fish taste.

O3I: What is your favorite Omega Cookie flavor?

AS: It’s got to be chocolate chip. Then, ginger raisin — I like that one as well. My kids are sold on the chocolate chip though. That one’s a winner.

O3I: What would you tell another person who was interested in trying Omega Cure?

AS: I would say it’s by far the best fish oil that I’ve had. There is no fishy taste or fishy aftertaste. And in addition, there are a variety of ways that you can get it – in the cookies or the oil. You can put the oil in shakes or take it straight – it’s not bad on its own.

If you understand the benefits of omega-3 and fish oil, then why hesitate? When I’m picking up more product at the farmer’s market booth and I see a new person considering Omega Cure, I say, “Why would you not give it a try? It’s so good!”



Omega3 Innovations is a physician-directed company, dedicated to improving wellness with a unique line of fresh, effective and delicious omega-3 based products.

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