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BY Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD Aug 30, 2016

How to Determine If Omega Cure Is Making a Difference

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Whenever we pick up a new habit to improve our health – be it working out with weights, cutting down on refined sugar, or taking one tablespoon of Omega Cure® every day – we know it’s going to take time to see a difference. Rome wasn’t built overnight, we tell ourselves. But at the same time, we want to know that our efforts are (slowly, surely) paying off.

The question then becomes, how do you know you are improving? Particularly when the change is gradual and takes weeks or even months to become noticeable?

I remember talking with one Omega Cure customer last year. He expressed frustration when I mentioned it could take between 6 to 12 weeks to see a difference for his bad knee. “After 3 months,” he said, “you don’t remember what you felt like to begin with anyways!”

I had to laugh at this, but acknowledged he had a point. After all, as improved health becomes the new norm, it’s easy to forget where we started.

Whether you are new to Omega Cure or picking up another healthy habit, here are the techniques I recommend for assessing your progress:

Envision the Improvements

In my own health journey, I’ve been trying to learn Chen-style Tai Chi Old Frame in the last year. There is a lot of squatting, high kicks and punches in this form of Tai Chi. In spite the fact that I practice nearly every day, it still feels like it takes forever to remember the sequence of movements and gain enough strength in my legs to execute them well.

One thing I’ve learned through this process, however, is the power of intention. Before I go to practice, I set a goal for the outcomes I want to achieve. And when I start with a specific intention, I find that my practice is more focused.

Similarly, for Omega Cure users, it’s helpful to be aware of the changes you are hoping to happen with daily use, be it greater flexibility, less joint stiffness or lower triglyceride levels. Yes, you can take Omega Cure as a preventive tool for your future health. But if you are looking for specific improvements, then acknowledge that. Your specificity will help as you start your Omega Cure journey.

Find a Way to Measure the Effects

Now that you know what kinds of benefits you are hoping to see, consider the ways you could measure change.

  • If you have dry eyes, for instance, is there a reduction in the number of eye drops you need to take?
  • Are you, like the Customer of the Month Allen Olender, able to cycle more miles over the course of several weeks?
  • Are you using less pain medication with time?
  • Do you have to visit the hairdresser or cut your nails more frequently?

The above examples are all great ways of assessing Omega Cure’s impact, pulled from stories our customers have shared with us over the years. I’m sure you can think up other good measuring techniques that fit your lifestyle and health goals. But the key point is to measure your progress against something else you did before starting on Omega Cure and continue to do regularly. That way, you’ll have a reference point for the gradual changes that are happening in your body.

Document the Changes

Now that you have identified a way to measure the change, it’s time to document them. Especially, if you’re like me and need to write everything down in order to remember it.

If you enjoy writing, keep a diary or a journal describing how you are feeling during the first 12 weeks of taking Omega Cure. Journaling is also wonderful if you’re primarily focused on health benefits that aren’t easy to measure, like improvements in mood and mental health.

Another good way to document change: Get a blood test to measure your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This is an especially good strategy if you regularly visit your doctor and keep track of your lipid numbers — like Irene Biancotti, our Customer of the Month this last March.

Be Precise with Your Daily Dose

As you are documenting the changes in your health, it is of course important to set yourself up for success. The most common reason people don’t see a difference when using Omega Cure is that they aren’t taking an effective dose or they aren’t taking it regularly. When people call us to postpone their subscriptions, we can often tell by the number of weeks between orders there’s no way they are getting enough oil to make a difference.

To clarify, one bottle of Omega Cure takes 17 days to finish if you are taking the recommended 3 teaspoon (15 mL) daily dose for adults. So if two of you are sharing a bottle, you should be finishing it up within half that time. Yes, that’s only about 8 days.

If you regularly take too little Omega Cure, you may be depriving yourself of the positive health difference that got you started on the oil originally.

Longtime Omega Cure user Lynn Blades discussed this exact phenomenon in her Customer of the Month interview. After taking Omega Cure for several years, she noticed that she had started to get a lot of pain in her ankles. During a phone conversation, I encouraged her to precisely measure out a three teaspoon/one tablespoon dose for herself. When we interviewed her for a Customer of the Month story years later, she said of the incident:

“I increased my dose to a tablespoon a day, measuring it exactly with a shot glass. Within a few weeks, I noticed improvements in the pain in my ankles – and it was a significant difference. The increase in oil was the only change I made.”

The moral of the story is, if you are not seeing a difference, assess how much you are taking. In many cases, all you need is to beef up your measuring skills.

Be Consistent

Being consistent makes a difference. I’ve found that if I miss a day of not doing my Tai Chi, I’m not as clever the next. These days, I try to keep up my Tai Chi even when I’m traveling. I meditate in hotel rooms and step outside into the courtyard in the mornings to review my exercises before the day begins.

This regularity is important for Omega Cure users too. Since the omega-3 molecules need time to build up in the body, regularly skipping your daily dose undoes much of the good work you’ve already accomplished.

If you regularly travel or if you like the convenience of a pre-measured dose, I always recommend using the Omega Cure Extra Strength vials as your day-to- day product. There’s no measuring and there’s no clean up, thank goodness.

If you want more advice about seeing a difference with Omega Cure or tips for taking it, please reach out to us by phone or email or leave a comment below. For all the suggestions I have here, we’ve got a lot more where that came from.

Sharing is caring!

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