My Son with Autism: A Mother Shares Her Omega Cure Story

Meet our February 2015 Customer of the Month, Ann DePietro from New York. Ann discovered Omega Cure® while seeking supplement solutions to help her son with autism. Here is her Omega3 Innovations story:

Omega3 Innovations: How long have you been using Omega Cure?

Ann DePietro: About 7 years.

O3I: What originally prompted you to take a chance on Omega Cure? 

AD: Back when my son was diagnosed with autism, I started digging into the world of supplements for him. Attending support groups, you get a wealth of information, and someone had suggested trying omega-3. So I surfed the internet and found Omega Cure. I liked that it was in a liquid form and that it required refrigeration – not like the capsules that have been sitting on the shelf for I don’t know how long. I grew up with my mom spooning out cod liver oil to me and my siblings, and I remember how she would tell us it was good for our brains. With all that in mind, I started with Omega Cure and have had it delivered to my house for 7 years now. Not only does my son with autism take it every morning, but his twin brother diagnosed with ADD and I take it too.

O3I: How soon did you notice the benefits of the omega-3 fish oil in your sons? 

AD: It took a while to see a difference in my autistic son, but I didn’t give up. I remember going to his yearly IEP meeting and hearing how he had improved and how he was flying through his programs. I realized that it must be the Omega Cure. During that same time, his expressive language improved greatly, which reduced his frustration and aggressive behaviors.

Now my other son with ADD started Omega Cure the same time as his brother. He had been in special education classes. He was declassified in 5th grade to just receiving some modifications in the main stream classroom, which were reduced as the years went by.

He is now in 11th grade and has made Honors or High Honors every semester since 7th grade. The only modification he has is time and a half on tests. He is a member of the Robotics Club at school and last year, they won state and competed in the world competition in California. He has come so far — to which I again credit the Omega Cure.

O3I: Do you notice a difference when your sons are on and off of the Omega Cure?

AD: Other than a trip to California, my son with ADD has taken a dose of Omega Cure every morning before school. As for my son with autism, he moved to a residential facility 3 years ago. At that point, he only received Omega Cure on the weekends when he was home. I figured he’d been on it for so long that 1 to 2 times a week should be okay. Then after a while, they supplied him with an over-the-counter omega-3 processed in individual doses from the pharmacy. I told myself, “At least he’s getting something,” even knowing the quality of the omega-3 wasn’t up to par with Omega Cure.

Well, it wasn’t long before the behaviors and frustration came back. He would be taken to every kind of doctor to rule things out, but nothing came of it. With the emotional roller coaster of having a child not living with you anymore — and your control over his needs gone — I finally woke up last month when I received an email from Omega3 Innovations regarding the Omega Cure Extra Strength. Omega Cure Extra Strength come in vials for precise dosing, so I ordered them right away. This week I started him on the vials, replacing the over-the-counter omega-3s. I can’t wait to start seeing a difference in him. 

O3I: Do you have any advice for other parents with children on the spectrum about taking Omega Cure?

AD: I have and will continue to tell other families about Omega Cure.  I always let them know that they need to be patient with it and try to document what they see or don’t see.  I wish I had in the beginning.

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Omega Cure's ADHD Success Story


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