How One Optometrist Streamlined Her Day and Omega-3 Regimen with Omega Cookie

An optometrist and a high-level competitive ballroom dancer, Noelle Sun is a woman constantly on the move. So when she found the Omega Cookies could double as a convenient breakfast and her daily omega-3 supplement, she was excited to make them a part of her life.

In this January 2016 Customer of the Month story, Noelle shares how Omega Cookie® and Omega Cure® Extra Strength play a part in her preventive health plan for managing dry eyes and joint issues.

Omega3 Innovations: You started on the Omega Cookies in the summer, and then added the Omega Cure Extra Strength vials to your regimen about a month ago. What inspired you to try the Omega Cookies initially?

Noelle Sun: I had already learned about the benefits of omega-3. I had already tried taking capsules. When I found out about the Omega Cookie, I thought this seems really great because I can kill two birds with one stone. I can have a meal replacement, and I can get a supplement.

O3I: What did you know about omega-3 before you started taking the Omega Cookies and Omega Cure Extra Strength?  

NS: I first heard about the benefits of omega-3 for dry eyes in optometry school. They would hand out packets to the students on the effect of omega-3s for not only dry eyes, but also cardiovascular health and brain functioning. And then it was really drilled into my head by one ophthalmologist and one pediatric specialist I worked with during my rotations.

The ophthalmologist that I worked with, he would recommend cod liver oil to every single patient. Specifically cod liver oil, not krill oil or anything else. And it had to be in the form that you drink, not in the capsule form.

The vast majority of retinal conditions stem from inflammation.

He would say, “You don’t just treat a problem by putting a bandaid on it. You need to treat the underlying systemic inflammation.”

Obviously, you can treat the inflammation via the drug route. But in terms of preventable care, he advocated for the use of a daily dietary cod liver oil supplement, specifically in liquid form.

The other person, a pediatric optometrist, also recommended cod liver oil for everybody.

I think it’s because I happened to work under these two guys that I got an unusually high exposure to the benefits of cod liver oil.

O3I: You mentioned that you had tried cod liver oil capsules before. How did that experience compare to eating the Omega Cookies and taking the Omega Cure Extra Strength vials?

NS: I think I tried…maybe it was the Carlson’s omega-3 pills supplement? I was taking somewhere between 3 and 5 pills a day. The recommended dose. And if you actually look at the amount of EPA/DHA, even 3 to 5 pills a day does not equal the same dose you get in one vial.

I was terrible at remembering to take the pills. With the pills, I had to take it with food. I would take it at night because when I took it in the morning, I would taste the fishy flavor throughout the day. Not that it caused me to burp, but I could kind of taste the essence coming up my esophagus.

I love the Omega Cure vials. I actually think the oil tastes good. I look forward to having it at the end of the day. It doesn’t taste fishy. You keep it in the refrigerator, so it’s kept cool and it goes down kind of nice.

I usually have the vial at night. I’m combining that with the Omega Cookie that I have every single morning.

The key benefit of the Omega Cookie: I live an extremely busy lifestyle, so it’s just really nice to have the convenience of having the cookie in the morning. And if I’m traveling, it’s easy to pack away as a snack.

Noelle Sun dancing in a ballroom competition | January 2016 Customer of the Month | Omega3 Innovations
When she is not working as an optometrist, Noelle dedicates most of her time to ballroom dancing. | Photo credit: Dave Niselson.

O3I: Do you feel like you’ve experienced a difference with eating the Omega Cookies and taking the Omega Cure Extra Strength vials?

NS: The thing is that I’m less symptomatic for dry eyes this year than I was last year. But it’s hard to tell whether that’s because of the omega-3. I moved from Boston to New York this year, and the winter has been far milder so far. I’ve also had a huge lifestyle change. I’m no longer in school and reading all the time. I was really, really suffering from dry eyes last year.

I can’t definitely say whether it’s the omega-3 or a combination of that with my location and lifestyle changes. I will say though, my skin has gotten better. I’ve always chronically broken out on my forehead, and the omega-3s should theoretically also help improve skin quality. It’s a lot better than it was a year ago.

I also have a joint issue. I’ve had this knee problem for the last couple of years. I was having a flare up in August/September, but that’s been pretty quiet recently.

I started on the Omega Cookies in August. I’ve only been doing the vials for little over a month now. I would say I’m less symptomatic than before, although it could also be influenced by other factors…But I do think you need to take an omega-3 supplement for a period of time for you to feel the effect of it.

I’m going to continue taking the oil and the cookies. In my age group, it’s more about prevention. I would rather take it long term and prevent issues down the road.

O3I: How do the Omega Cookies fit into your life?

NS: I never cook for myself. I’m always on the run. It’s really good to have something healthy. And not having to think about what to make for breakfast, it streamlines the process and makes my life easier.

I like that you can actually recognize all the ingredients in the Omega Cookies. Oats and cranberries and banana puree. And it’s free of all kinds of preservatives that you would find in store bought cookies.

Being an optometrist and devoting as much time as I do to dancing (20 hours a week. It’s like a part time job for me) I have no time for grocery shopping. So it’s really convenient to have it delivered.

O3I: What’s your favorite Omega Cookie flavor?

NS: You know, it’s funny, I go through phases. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t easily get bored. I eat the same food for long periods of time. At first, I liked the ginger raisin. Now I like cranberry and chocolate chip.

I have coffee in the morning. The Omega Cookie goes great with coffee.

O3I: What would you say to someone who was interested in trying the Omega Cookies or Omega Cure?

NS: Given all the research that I’ve done and also my experience working with clinicians, in order to see the effects, you need to be persistent about taking your omega-3s. You are not going to get the benefits of it if you don’t stick to it long term. That’s what I believe.

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