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Category: Eye Health

omega3innovations May 8,2017

Restoring Eye Health and Harmony with Omega Cure

A cellist playing in both a local orchestra and string ensemble, Joan Raymond loves bringing music to her Sarasota community. But following a cataract surgery, her dry eyes were making it difficult to read music. Thanks to a recommendation from...Read full article


Are Re-Esterified Omega-3 Products Better for Dry Eyes?

When Bo and I attended the CE Sarasota optometry conference last week, we got a lot of questions about a new dry eye study. This particular study, sponsored by PRN, concluded that consuming four PRN-brand softgels daily resulted in a...Read full article

omega3innovations Aug 3,2016

Looking for Dry Eye Relief, Finding Help for Joints Too

When she found out she had dry eyes, Adrienne Stowell took her ophthalmologist’s advice and started using Omega Cure® cod liver oil. Seven months later, Adrienne shares that the oil not only helped her eyes, but made a difference for her...Read full article


Meibomian Glands 101: Getting to the Heart of Dry Eyes

Meibomian glands - to discuss or not to discuss. That’s the jovial argument that’s been dominating our office for the last three months. My marketing team tells me it’s important to keep explanations about dry eyes simple. I, on the...Read full article


5 Tips for Getting Relief from Dry Eyes with an Omega-3 Supplement

Increasing our intake of omega-3 from fish and cod liver oil can be an effective and relatively inexpensive way to help manage dry eye symptoms. Nearly every article addressing dry eyes mentions omega-3 supplements for their anti-inflammatory benefits. And many...Read full article

omega3innovations Feb 2,2016

How One Optometrist Streamlined Her Day and Omega-3 Regimen with Omega Cookie

An optometrist and a high-level competitive ballroom dancer, Noelle Sun is a woman constantly on the move. So when she found the Omega Cookies could double as a convenient breakfast and her daily omega-3 supplement, she was excited to make...Read full article

omega3innovations Dec 4,2015

A Woman with Graves’ Disease: ‘My Eyes Feel Normal Again’

Debbie Watkins, a Florida resident and pharmacist technician, started taking Omega Cure fish oil to improve her cholesterol levels. But a few months into taking the oil, she experienced more than a change in her HDL. To her surprise, her...Read full article


Using Omega-3 Supplements to Treat Dry Eye Symptoms

If you stare at a computer screen all day, have reached the plus-55-years-old stage of life and have had a cataract operation, it’s likely you have all the makings of a serious dry eye problem. And you are not alone....Read full article