Is It Good to Store Fish Oil in the Freezer?

Fish oil is a great source of the omega-3 fatty acids we all need for good health. It’s also highly perishable.

Consuming rancid fish oil can have negative health implications. Not to mention, it’s highly unpleasant in both taste and smell! That’s why, if you’re investing in a high-quality, fresh fish oil supplement, it’s important to pay attention to how you store it.

Let’s take a closer look at why storing your fish oil cold in the freezer or refrigerator is a smart idea!

Why Put Fish Oil in the Freezer?

The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil have a chemical structure that’s very reactive. This reactivity benefits our bodies. It’s why omega-3s help our cells be more responsive and dynamic.

Unfortunately, this same chemical structure also makes these fatty acids prone to ‘oxidizing,’ or turning rancid. As fish oil turns rancid, the oil starts to acquire a strong fishy taste and smell. Plus, it reduces the benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids.

Lowering the temperature slows down the oxidation process and extends the fish oil’s shelf life. That’s why storing fish oil cold keeps it fresh for longer.

What Happens When Fish Oil Freezes?

Depending on the type of fish oil and its composition, fish oil may become cloudy and congealed in the refrigerator and freezer. This is especially true for full-spectrum, non-winterized fish oils, like Omega Cure®. Non-winterized fish oils contain more beneficial fatty acids and nutrient cofactors than skimmed, highly processed fish oils. These extra fatty acids can make the oil thicker when chilled.

storing fish oil in the freezer and fridge for freshness

Keep it cold: Storing your bottle in the refrigerator or freezer is the best way to keep your Omega3 Innovations fish oil fresh.

If the refrigerated or frozen fish oil becomes too thick for your liking, there are a few options. You can leave your bottle on the counter for a few minutes, and the oil will quickly liquify as it warms up to room temperature. You also can mix it into a smoothie or pour it into yogurt. Either way, you will still get the full benefits of your daily dose!

Another great option is to buy our fish oil supplement Omega Cure Extra Strength or Omega Restore in vials so that you have exactly the right amount every day. These handy products are travel-friendly and keep well at room temperature for up to 14 days. That’s especially convenient if you want to thaw your daily dose in advance, or need the reminder of seeing your vial on the kitchen counter.

Understanding Fish Oil Storage

When shopping for an omega-3 supplement, it’s important to consider the oil source and quality. At Omega3 Innovations, our creators and founders Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD & Bo Martinsen, MD have spent decades researching the benefits that Omega Cure® can have on the mind and body. These physicians, who began their journey in Norway, have since helped thousands of people feel better with their fresh, full-spectrum fish oil.

Omega3 Innovations is committed to delivering the highest quality fish oil supplement “from Norway to your doorway™.” That’s why we take great care in how our products are packaged, stored, and shipped.

When your product arrives, we recommend placing any Omega Cure bottles you are not planning to use immediately in the freezer. Keep what you need for the present in your fridge. This way, regardless of the season, you know your Omega3 Innovations fish oil supplement will stay fresh, and provide you with the maximum benefits for your health every day!

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Omega3 Innovations is a physician-directed company, dedicated to improving wellness with a unique line of fresh, effective and delicious omega-3 based products.

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