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BY omega3innovations Apr 12,2017

For One Couple, Omega Restore Cut the Sleeping Pill Habit

For years, Carol had worried about her husband, John, taking several Tylenol PM®, plus two other sleeping aides before bed every night. Still, he insisted...Read full story


Flossing and Fish Oil: The Keys to a Great Smile

We have all heard about the importance of flossing to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Did you know that omega-3 fish oil might also hold a key to preserving that great smile? Periodontitis is the number one reason for adult tooth...Read full article


Tips for Travelers: Eating Well on the Road

Even for the toughest of health nuts, it can be tricky to stay wedded to good eating habits during summer travels; especially when hotel personnel, conference organizers, and airport fast-food menus dictate our food choices. After a one week business trip...Read full article


Rethinking Calories When it Comes to Weight Loss and Nutrition

“How many calories does this contain?” Every day, the question crops up at dinner tables and grocery stores. It seems I can scarcely put food in my mouth without someone scanning the label for the calorie count. We live in...Read full article


Equine Athletes Share Their Omega-3 Secrets

What if a supplement could make exercising easier and more efficient? Well, the long-kept secret of the horse world is out, and it’s good news for athletes, morning joggers and couch potatoes alike. The omega-3 benefits seen in horses produce...Read full article


Krill Oil: New Superfood or Expensive Hype?

Lately, many of our customers have asked about krill oil. Is it more powerful than fish oil or just more expensive? Here are some facts: For 30 years, omega-3 from fatty fish has been extensively researched by universities and research centers around...Read full article


Making Babies: How Omega-3 Promotes Better Sperm

Last weekend, I attended a wedding. After the ceremony, I happened to talk with a specialist at a large fertility clinic in Oslo, Norway. She had heard about my expertise in the area of omega-3 fish oil, and of course,...Read full article


Hot News about Hot Flashes and Omega-3 Fish Oil

Ok, I admit it. I’m a fish oil junkie. My addiction became evident when I had a minor surgery and had to ease up on my heavy-handed use of Omega CureTM. Normally I use three teaspoons a day, and it...Read full article


The Good and Bad News about Fish Oil and Alzheimer’s

This past Sunday, scientists announced the results of two research studies regarding omega-3, cognitive health, and aging. In both studies, DHA was the omega-3 of choice, because it plays a crucial role in brain function. I’ll start with the bad...Read full article


Michael Jackson, Heart Arrest and Fish Oil

While millions of people mourn the passing of Michael Jackson, his death may be an eye opener into understanding a frequent killer. This event is drawing attention to the common misconception that sudden heart death is the same as a...Read full article


Omega-3 and the Modern Diet

Foods traditionally consumed in the U.S. are glutted with omega-6, a fat largely found in unhealthy partially hydrogenated vegetable oils – the same oils blamed for this country’s poor health and rampant obesity. Since it is difficult to eliminate omega-6...Read full article