Knocking the Knee Pain with Omega 3: One Runner’s Story

An avid runner training for the marathon, Dawn Kargauer was looking for a solution to the knee and hip pain that would bother her during every workout. She had switched to running on soft surfaces and was considering dropping running altogether when a friend recommended she try Omega Cure® cod liver oil.

Today, Dawn is running pain free and is preparing for her next adventure — a 50K race preceded by a skydive! This is her Customer of the Month story:

Omega3 Innovations: How did you first get started with Omega Cure Extra Strength?

Dawn Kargauer: A friend, Candace, and I were talking about running, and I mentioned the joint pain I was having in my knees and hips. I told her that I was choosing to run on soft surfaces only (dirt or shell paths) because of the pain, and it was limiting me.

Candace said her husband worked for Omega3 Innovations and was taking their fish oil. She said it was remarkable how the oil had helped him. She provided me with a sample cookie and some info. I went to the store in Venice a few weeks later and bought the Omega Cure Extra Strength vials. I chose the vials because I travel for work and often visit my three sons and other out-of-state family members. The vials make it easy.

O3I: What was your experience once you started using the vials?

DK: I started taking the vials in August of 2016, as my marathon was in November and I wanted to be ready for it. I started having less pain at the time of the marathon. But in all honesty, it wasn’t until one day after the new year that I took a run and realized I had no pain.

I started monitoring it. I felt no pain on any surface I ran on and had no pain in my knees while doing squats. Thinking about it, I realized I hadn’t had pain in a long time! I tried to pinpoint when I stopped having pain, and I really couldn’t. Previously, I wouldn’t be even a mile into a run before the hip pain would start.

Today, I have none of that, even after running on the sidewalk.

O3I: Were you expecting the improvements you felt using the Omega Cure Extra Strength vials, or did the benefits come as a surprise to you?

DK: Based on what my friend had told me, I was expecting to feel good. I just wasn’t sure when. I have heard many suggestions for “cures” to arthritis pain. But none had ever worked for most people I knew, so I never tried them.

I trusted what my friend had told me about her husband, so I knew I had to try this product. I would say I was expecting improvements, but I was still surprised when I realized I wasn’t having pain.

O3I: What is your training routine like? It must be intense, preparing for a marathon!

DK: When I train for a big race (not a 5k), I follow a schedule of doing a long run (5 to 21 miles) on Saturdays with my running partner, Laurie. During the week, I run alone after work in the afternoon, usually 3 to 4 times week. Mondays and Fridays are rest days. I also go to the gym at 5 am to lift weights 3 to 5 times week.

I try to stretch a lot. I try to eat healthy. My running partner and I are accountable to each other. It helps keep us motivated and on track.

I also use my alone runs as prayer time. It’s my time to worship God in my way.

O3I: How does training for Skydive Ultra, a 50K race preceded by skydiving, compare to training for a marathon?

DK: So we have just begun our training for the Skydive Ultra, which will take place in January 2018. It’s pretty similar to the marathon training so far. We have a set amount of miles to run each day, increasing to about 26 miles, then decreasing a few weeks prior to the race. I am really trying to focus on my diet for the 50k, since more endurance is needed.

O3I: What made you decide to try Skydive Ultra?

DK: I have been running since college, but had only had done 5ks until a few years ago. I never had any interest in doing a half marathon or a marathon, and I never even knew about ultra runs.

I had been watching my husband do triathlons for a few years when I decided I needed to stop watching and get involved. I started training for my first triathlon, and completed my first one at age 49. Then, I did another at age 50.

I met a trainer at the Sarasota YMCA, and I eventually followed him to the boot camp he and his wife run at 360 Degree Health in Sarasota. They were big into running and encouraged me to run a half marathon. They promised it would be fun. I found that really hard to believe and questioned their definition of “fun.”

Well, I did run the half marathon, met my goals, and did have great fun! However, I had no interest in doing another. But I am pretty competitive with myself and like a challenge, so when my running partner suggested doing the X Country Marathon at Alafia State Park, I said yes. After that race, I had no interest in doing another big run, but I was trying to think of what my next adventure would be. I kept thinking about the Skydive Ultra, which my trainers and my running partner had already done.

One day, I woke up and knew it was time to sign up. So I did. I believe God gives us one life and we are to make the most of that life. He created our bodies to be in motion, and as long as I am able, I will continue being active. I feel God leads me to the races I am to be in and to the people I am to meet. I believe everyone inspires others in some way. Hopefully, by doing these activities at my age (I will be 52 in October), I will inspire others to realize it is never too late to start living!

By the way, there are still spots available for the Skydive Ultra in Clewiston, FL, January 2018.

O3I: Before starting on Omega Cure, did you ever use any other omega-3 supplements?

DK: No, I had only taken multivitamins before. I don’t like messing with a lot of different vitamins.

I must add, due to my pain, I was getting ready to drop the running and switch to my “plan B” for exercise — yoga, swimming, and other non-impact activities. With Omega Cure, I am able to continue running and do the sport that brings me so much joy!

O3I: What is your Omega Cure Extra Strength routine? Do you take the oil in the morning or at night?

DK: I choose to take it with my lunch because I take magnesium powder in the morning and at night. After researching it, I feel it’s best not to mix those as it can lower blood pressure, which I am prone to. I take the oil alone, as it has a no taste, really.

O3I: What kind of advice would you give to other people who are interested in trying Omega Cure?

DK: Make a commitment to take it regularly at same time daily, and don’t miss doses. And mostly, give it time to work! Don’t give up if you don’t feel results within 30 days.

I do share this with others and at least two friends have started using it.

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