A Rider Shares Her Healthy Breakfast Secret for Mornings at the Barn

A big horse fan, Michelle Hayward discovered the Omega Cookie® at Equine Affaire in 2014. Two years later, Michelle says that these cookies are her secret to eating a nutritious, grab-and-go breakfast, especially for long mornings out at the barn.

This is her September 2016 Customer of the Month story:

Michelle Hayward with her horse.

Omega3 Innovations: We’d love to learn a little more about you. What are some things you enjoy doing regularly?

Michelle Hayward: I bought a horse 7 years ago. He is my first and only horse. I started taking dressage lessons a couple of years ago. We’re both a little older and starting a little late. But at least we started.

He’s a Quarter Horse-Thoroughbred. He turned 21 this year.

O3I: Besides your horse, how do you spend your time?

MH: I used to be very active pre-horse. I downhill ski and cross country ski. I do mountain biking, I kayak. I find all the highest peaks in New England and climb them. I started working on the 4000 ft. tall peaks in New Hampshire before getting my horse.

Today, I try to do hiking and yoga to stay in shape for him.

O3I: How did you first hear about the Omega Cookie and what inspired you to give it a try?

MH: I met you at Equine Affaire. You were giving out free cookies, so I decided to give them a try. I’ve been getting the shipments for two years since then.

O3I: Have you noticed a difference with eating the Omega Cookies over the past two years?

MH: I notice it when I don’t take them. I just feel better with them.

I can tell you, I ran out last Tuesday and you were on my list to call before I got the notification about being Customer of the Month. It was awful the whole week waiting for the cookies. I don’t like to eat a big breakfast. There are a lot of things I can’t eat in the morning that make me feel sick. I was going to the grocery store and thinking, “There is nothing here I want to eat for breakfast.” For this whole week, I was lost.

The cookies came today. They are perfect. When you are headed out the door, they are easy to grab and you feel healthy and fit.

My husband does the Omega Cure® fish oil. He notices a really big difference with it. We went away for four days and he didn’t bring the bottle with him. He felt all foggy and like things weren’t as clear.

He is religious about taking it now.

O3I: What’s your Omega Cookie routine?

MH: Half the time, I’m grabbing them on my way out the door and eating them frozen. I like the chocolate chip and the cranberry. And I like the limited edition tropical flavor with the papaya.

O3I: When do you normally eat your Omega Cookies?

MH: About two months ago, when I called the office to get my husband started on the autoship for the oil, the women I spoke with said I probably wasn’t getting enough omega-3 [for the anti-inflammatory benefits] in just one Omega Cookie a day. She suggested I eat two.

I have one cookie on the way to the barn in the early morning. I’m at the barn for 3 to 5 hours so I can hang out with my horse. There’s an hour for the lesson, an hour for tack and then showering him. The Omega Cookie keeps me from starving to death on the way back home. I get very excited when I get back in the truck and I have my second cookie of the day.

O3I: If you were talking with another person interested in trying the Omega Cookie and Omega Cure, what recommendations would you give them about using the products?

MH: I was giving your literature to several of my friends. I read in the newsletter how you can’t just take any fish oil pills because they are usually already rancid. You are actually doing more damage to yourself than good.

I have given several girlfriends for Christmas the [Omega Passion®] chocolates. But I am very selfish about the Omega Cookies.

I have some friends who grab the granola bars. I say to them, those are just full of sugar. While the Omega Cookie, it’s got the omegas in it and the healthy fiber. Maybe not vegetables, but….It’s got just about everything you need in there.


Omega3 Innovations is a physician-directed company, dedicated to improving wellness with a unique line of fresh, effective and delicious omega-3 based products.

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