“Please Remove All Liquids, Gels and Bottles of Fish Oil”: A Guide for Traveling with Omega Cure

My daughter was flying home from college one year when a TSA employee pulled her aside. There was a problem with her carry-on.

Rummaging through her duffle, the TSA employee quickly found the problem: A full bottle of Omega Cure®. My daughter, not thinking properly after a week of finals, had slipped the bottle in alongside her sweaters and socks.

“Do you want to check this or throw it,” the man asked, trying to keep a stern face as my daughter hemmed and hawed. Looking at the clock and realizing she had no time to check her bag, my daughter started telling him all about her family’s omega-3 business, her parents who would be so disappointed about the bottle going to waste, and the benefits of fish oil.

The man eventually took pity on her.

“I’ll just go run a few tests on this,” he said. Moments later, he brought back the bottle of Omega Cure and told her she could catch her flight.

As my daughter ran for the plane, she heard over the intercom an unusual addition to the TSA spiel:

“Please remove all liquids, gels, aerosols and bottles of omega-3 fish oil from your carry-on.”

* * * * * * * * * * *

We still laugh about this story.

But if you’ve ever thought about traveling with Omega Cure, you should know there are better alternatives than sweet talking your way through airport security.

Here are my tips for navigating your way through TSA and beyond:

1. Bring Omega Cure Extra Strength or Omega Restore™

We designed the Omega Cure Extra Strength and Omega Restore vials with travel in mind. Since the vials have a 14-day shelf life at room temperature, they are easy to bring along when you don’t have access to a refrigerator. And since TSA lets you carry up to 7 vials in your carry-on, you can bring a week’s worth of oil to cover your needs during shorter trips.

Those traveling across time zones might also consider bringing Omega Restore, which contains added melatonin. Melatonin, among other benefits, can be quite handy for fighting jet lag.

2. Pack Your Vials in a Ziplock Bag

I always recommend packing your fish oil in at least one sealed Ziplock bags. If for some reason the container should leak or get crushed, you want to make sure the oil won’t spill onto the rest of your belongings.

On that same note, don’t pack your vials next to clothes or electronics, if you can help it. If your carry-on luggage has separate compartments, keep your Omega Cure with other liquids items, like lotions and small bottles of shampoo — again, as an extra precaution against leaks.

3. Considerations for Checked Luggage

If you are checking your luggage or traveling by car or train, you can, of course, bring your Omega Cure 8.5 oz bottle (and we have many customers who have done so over the years). For these trips, lovingly wrap your bottle in bubble wrap. And again, don’t forget those sealed Ziplock bags.

4. Refrigerate If You Can

When you get to your final destination, remember to put your bottles or vials in the refrigerator, if one is available to you. As mentioned above, the Omega Cure Extra Strength vials have a 14-day shelf life at room temperature. But, refrigeration does extend the shelf life and keeps the oil fresh for longer. Plus, it tastes better chilled.

Happy travels!

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Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD

Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD

Born and raised in the United States, Dr. Chalmers graduated from Brown University and completed her medical training at the University of Oslo in Norway. Dr. Chalmers practiced medicine for many years, serving both at high-tech hospitals and as a community health worker in rural Norway. Together with Dr. Martinsen, she later co-founded Wellpride LLLP dba Omega3 Innovations and is the joint holder of several patents that facilitate the ingestion of multiple medication combinations. Today, she serves as the president of Omega3 Innovations.

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