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Category: Healthy Breakfast

omega3innovations Oct 26,2016

A Rider Shares Her Healthy Breakfast Secret for Mornings at the Barn

A big horse fan, Michelle Hayward discovered the Omega Cookie® at Equine Affaire in 2014. Two years later, Michelle says that these cookies are her secret to eating a nutritious, grab-and-go breakfast, especially for long mornings out at the barn....Read full article

omega3innovations Jun 16,2016

Why We Updated Our Omega Cookie® Packaging

It’s been a time of exciting change for our Oatfish line here at Omega3 Innovations. Last week, we said goodbye to our old Omega Cookie boxes and hello to new travel-friendly Omega Cookie bags. So what’s different? Each of our...Read full article

omega3innovations Mar 20,2015

Eating Their Way to Weight Management: A Mother-Daughter Team Share Their Omega Cookie Experience

Meet Linda Haight and her mother Frances Ferraioli, both from New York. Our March 2015 Customers of the Month, the mother-daughter duo found the Omega Cookie to be the “best and most delicious way to get enough omega-3” into their diet...and...Read full article

omega3innovations Apr 15,2014

Vote for Your Favorite Omega Cookie Flavor

[socialpoll id="2197036"] We want to make our products as stimulating for your taste buds as they are for your health. For the past year, we've been busy developing new limited edition versions of our products. You've probably tried a number...Read full article


What You Should Know About Gluten-Free Cookies and Other Foods

Gluten is a hot topic. After years of being pooh-poohed as a passing fad, the gluten-free diet is going strong and gaining acceptance amongst the medical community as a diet plan that can benefit more people than those who have...Read full article


Three Healthy Gift Solutions for the Holidays

I have to confess, the thought of Christmas has at times made me feel exhausted and stressed. Especially when I had school-aged children, it seemed that everywhere I turned, I would find a teacher, a coach, colleagues, newspaper boys, and...Read full article

Bo Martinsen, MD Aug 22,2013

Solving Back To School Breakfast Stress with a Cookie

Your children could feel more focused, learn faster and become more physically fit just by making a one minute change to their morning routine. If this sounds unrealistic, you will be happy to know that science makes a good case...Read full article


3 Fun Recipes to Try with Omega-3 Fish Oil

Here at Omega3 Innovations, we like to mix it up - especially when it comes to taking our omega-3 fish oil. And because our Omega Cure liquid fish oil is ultra fresh and virtually tasteless, it’s easy to get mixing...Read full article

omega3innovations Nov 30,2012

Omega3 Innovations Healthy Gift Guide

This holiday season, give your loved ones a gift that will keep them healthy and happy throughout the year. Here are a few gift ideas to get you inspired: Gifts for the Student Treat students to a convenient, on-the-go breakfast...Read full article


Omega-3 Builds an Even Better Breakfast

Our mothers got it right. They insisted we should sit down and begin the day with a solid breakfast – eat oatmeal, drink a glass of orange juice or milk. The tougher and smarter mothers might even have insisted on...Read full article