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BY Bo Martinsen, MD Dec 26, 2015

What Is the Best Time to Take Your Omega Cure Cod Liver Oil?

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Traditionally, breakfast has been the favored time for taking medications, food supplements, and cod liver oil. At the start of the day, many of us take advantage of our fresh energy to focus on our health.

New research, however, has started linking medication efficacy to timing — and the findings make a strong case for rescheduling our supplement routines too.

Why Should You Take Your Medication at Night?

Several studies have now shown that aspirin, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and blood pressure and anti-reflux medications may work better in the evening (1).

The reason? Scientists suggest that as we sleep, our body’s circadian rhythm influences our hormonal balance and the body’s ability to absorb drugs. In addition, because many symptoms worsen over the course of the night, taking a dose before going to bed could help improve health conditions the next day.

Let’s look at the example of taking anti-reflux medication at night. The stomach typically produces two to three times more acid between 10:00 pm to 2:00 am than at any other point of the day. What’s more, heartburn typically worsens while lying down. These factors could explain why one study found that 70% of the people who took their anti-reflux medication later in the day experienced relief from their symptoms, compared to only 42% of the people who took their medication in the morning.

Similarly, it has been well-documented that heart attacks and strokes occur more often in the early morning. This phenomenon could explain why one five-year study from Spain found that the patients who took their blood pressure medicines at night had a 33% reduced risk of heart attack and strokes, compared to patients who took their medicines in the morning (1).

The Potential Benefits of Taking Omega-3 at Night

omega 3 fish oil benefits taking at night

Since getting enough omega-3 may positively influence conditions like high blood pressure and lipid numbers, should we reconsider the best time to take Omega Cure®?

The short answer is “probably, yes.”

Omega Cure is a unique, fresh, full-spectrum (non-skimmed) cod liver oil. It is extremely nutrient-rich compared to other omega-3 oils on the market. Containing a full range of fatty acids, this high quality fish oil provides the perfect nourishment for restoration and normal functioning to every cell in the body.

Besides the heart health issues mentioned above, here are two other reasons to consider taking Omega Cure at night:

Arthritis and Joint Pain

Researchers have found that arthritis and joint pain are often more intense in the morning. One French study found that NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) were most effective when consumed four to eight hours before peak pain (1). Since omega-3 works on the same biochemical pathways as NSAIDs, taking Omega Cure before going to bed could make it easier to get out of bed in the morning for people who suffer from chronic joint issues.

Better Sleep Quality

In a pilot study from the UK, the researchers found that children supplemented with omega-3 increased their sleep time by an average of 58 minutes and reduced the number of wake ups during the night (2). Other studies also show that adequate omega-3 content in the body is important for good quality sleep, relaxation (3) and a lowered risk of sleep apnea (4, 5).

While these studies did not note the particular time their participants consumed the omega-3 supplements, we believe it is likely that taking fish oil at night may promote better sleep than taking the oil earlier in the day.

Over the last year, we have suggested customers take Omega Cure before going to bed. So far, the feedback has been unequivocally positive. Not only have people experienced better sleep quality and more energy during the day, but also stronger effects on eye, joint and gum health.

Consistency Is King

Of course, Omega Cure (or any supplement or medication, for that matter) won’t make much of a difference if you don’t take it consistently. Therefore, while it is worth exploring whether rescheduling your Omega Cure intake for the evening makes a difference, don’t do it at the expense of forgetting to take the oil altogether.

Find a time that works for you, and stick with it.

fresh full spectrum fish oil dose omega 3 innovationsReferences:

1. Bateson, Lynne. When is it the best time to take your medication? The Daily Express. January 28, 2015.

2. Montgomery P et al. Fatty acids and sleep in UK children: subjective and pilot objective sleep results from the DOLAB study–a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Sleep Research. August 2014; 23 (4): 364-88. doi: 10.1111/jsr.12135. Epub March 8, 2014.

3. Yehuda S et al. Mixture of essential fatty acids lowers test anxiety. Nutritional Neuroscience. August 2005; 8 (4): 265-7.

4. Scorza FA et al. Sleep Apnea and Inflammation – Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with Omega-3 Supplementation. Frontiers in Neurology. 2013; 4: 193. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2013.00193 Epub December 3, 2013.

5. Ladesich JB et al. Membrane level of omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid is associated with severity of obstructive sleep apnea. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. August 15, 2011; 7 (4): 391-6. doi: 10.5664/JCSM.1198.

About Author
Dr. Martinsen is an omega-3 specialist, innovator, and advocate for natural foods. As co-founder and CEO of Omega3 Innovations, he has created multiple patented technologies for medical devices designed to improve consumer compliance. He is also the creator of several medical food products that combine dose-effective ingredients of omega-3 fish oil with soluble fibers and other nutrients. Before Omega3 Innovations, Dr. Martinsen practiced medicine in Norway for 20 years. During his career, he also served as a medical consultant to large international corporations, focusing on stress management and synergistic medicine.

Sharing is caring!

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Cheryl Tiraboschi

Your article suggest taking omega 3 oil before bedtime. Can it be taken with a magnesium / calcium capsule supplement and a probiotic?

Absolutely, the Omega Cure should work well with both. There shouldn’t be any conflict.


Can I take omega 3 with amway daily and vit c capsules

Omega3 Innovations

Good question, Marysoumya. Omega-3 works well with other vitamins and multi-vitamins, so there shouldn’t be a problem with that combination.


Is it use after the meal or before the meal?

Omega3 Innovations

Most research suggests it is best to take omega-3 products in conjunction with food for improved bioavailability and to avoid any queasiness resulting from taking oil on an empty stomach.


And how i take it with milk or water??

Omega3 Innovations

Hi Arman, You can take Omega Cure by itself (it has no fishy taste or smell), or add it to juice, yogurt and other cold food recipes.


Can I take omega 3 with vitamin D3

Omega3 Innovations

Hi Rakshita, Taking an omega-3 supplement with vitamin D3 should not be any problem. Many products, including our Omega Cure Extra Strength vials, combine the two!


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