A Woman with Graves’ Disease: ‘My Eyes Feel Normal Again’

Debbie Watkins, a Florida resident and pharmacist technician, started taking Omega Cure fish oil to improve her cholesterol levels. But a few months into taking the oil, she experienced more than a change in her HDL. To her surprise, her chronically dry, aching eyes were getting better.

In this November 2015 Customer of the Month story, Debbie shares her Omega Cure experience.

Omega3 Innovations: You started using Omega Cure about a year and a half ago. What made you decide to take a chance on the oil?  

Debbie Watkins: I went to my eye doctor and he was selling it. I thought “I’m going to try that” because I hated swallowing those big fish oil pills.

O3I: What happened when you started using the Omega Cure?

DW: I have Graves’ disease, which means I have a hyper thyroid. I was getting dry eyes and protrusions. My eyes used to ache, especially since I work on the computer all day. But since starting with the Omega Cure, my eyes don’t hurt anymore. My eyes feel normal again.

O3I: Were you expecting those kinds of results from Omega Cure?

DW: No, not for my eyes. I was hoping it would affect my cholesterol. I have had great results with this product for my cholesterol and HDL too. One time, my HDL levels were 100. My doctor couldn’t believe it!

O3I: You mentioned that your husband has also started taking the oil.

DW: He’s only been on it for a couple of months. But my husband has rheumatoid arthritis, so we are hoping it will help him with that. He just had all his lab work done, and his results are fantastic.

O3I: It sounds like you’ve had a lot of experience with different omega-3 fish oil products. How did Omega Cure compare?

DW: Well, I am a pharmacist technician. Honestly, I couldn’t swallow those capsules. And I wasn’t sure if they were rancid. They didn’t smell right to me.

I’ve probably sent 25 people who I work with at the hospital your way, and they all go buy the Omega Cure. When they saw my lab results, they couldn’t believe it…All the OR [operating room] nurses. I even have some of the doctors on it. I tell them, just go online and order it.

O3I: How do you take your Omega Cure?

DW: It’s my cocktail before I go to bed at night. I pour the oil in a little shot glass and measure it out. I take three teaspoons, sometimes four. Then I add a little orange juice.

O3I: What’s your advice to people who might be interested in trying Omega Cure?

DW: I know it works. It has worked for me and everybody who I work with [at the hospital]. One of the nurses I work with, she has a bad knee. She can feel the discomfort return when she runs out the oil.


Omega3 Innovations is a physician-directed company, dedicated to improving wellness with a unique line of fresh, effective and delicious omega-3 based products.

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