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Category: Oat Fiber

omega3innovations Jul 10,2015

Omega Cookie Ingredient Update: We’re Going the Extra Mile with Beta Glucan Oat Fiber

Omega Cookie lovers, our oatfish cookie recipes are getting a makeover! This last month, we replaced the orange citrus fiber in the Omega Cookies and Omega Heaven cookies with even more beta glucan soluble fiber. What does this mean for...Read full article

omega3innovations Apr 15,2014

Vote for Your Favorite Omega Cookie Flavor

[socialpoll id="2197036"] We want to make our products as stimulating for your taste buds as they are for your health. For the past year, we've been busy developing new limited edition versions of our products. You've probably tried a number...Read full article


What You Should Know About Gluten-Free Cookies and Other Foods

Gluten is a hot topic. After years of being pooh-poohed as a passing fad, the gluten-free diet is going strong and gaining acceptance amongst the medical community as a diet plan that can benefit more people than those who have...Read full article


Rev Up Your New Year’s Resolutions with Fresh Fish Oil

Every New Year, we make plans to get our health back on track, be it by losing weight, sleeping more, giving up fries, or starting yoga. But making permanent change isn’t easy. After a few weeks of sticking to the...Read full article


Three Healthy Gift Solutions for the Holidays

I have to confess, the thought of Christmas has at times made me feel exhausted and stressed. Especially when I had school-aged children, it seemed that everywhere I turned, I would find a teacher, a coach, colleagues, newspaper boys, and...Read full article

Bo Martinsen, MD Jun 6,2013

What Your Cholesterol & Triglyceride Numbers Say About Your Lifestyle

Many years ago, a senior executive at a petroleum company came to me for his annual health checkup. Slightly overweight, he traveled regularly, didn’t have much time for exercise, and often he ate out. In addition, he smoked a couple...Read full article


Fish Oil and Fiber: How to be Number One at ‘Number Two’

One often talks about how exercise, eating well, sleep, sex, and having a good social network are important for healthy aging. But there is one aspect to good health that people rarely mention, and that is pooping. Yes, pooping. Maybe...Read full article


Meet Omega Passion: Chocolate That Replaces Fish Oil Capsules

Dear Friends, At Omega3 Innovations we respect our customers and take your feedback seriously. That's why we have spent the last months redesigning our delicious Omega Passion® chocolate truffles. We are now relaunching the Omega Passion, and it was worth...Read full article


Carbo-Confusion Unraveled: The Benefits of Carbohydrates and Fiber

I love it when people read nutrition facts. But when I overhear women say, “Oh I can’t eat that – it has too many carbs,” I get concerned that carbohydrates have gotten an unfair and inaccurate bad reputation. This idea...Read full article

omega3innovations Nov 3,2012

Omega3 Innovations for Corporate Wellness Programs: Improving Employee Health with Omega-3 Treats

Wellness programs traditionally focus on smoking cessation, exercise, health screenings and nutritional education as a means of improving employee health and morale. However, experts agree that focusing on the dietary habits of employees is critical for treating some of the most...Read full article