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Category: Pregnancy

Bo Martinsen, MD Jul 28,2016

Rancid Prenatal Omega-3 Supplements – It’s a Problem.

This month, two scientific reports came out that should have caught the attention of the media and expecting parents. The first piece discussed how getting enough DHA omega-3 during pregnancy could save the US healthcare system a projected $6 billion...Read full article


The Fertility-Boosting Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

As a public health nurse, my mother taught sex education and worked with many unwed young mothers. During my teenage years, she gave me the impression that ‘just looking at a boy’ might make me pregnant. My whole attitude towards...Read full article

omega3innovations May 27,2015

“I Can’t Take Fish Oil:” How One Omega Cure User Found Her Non-Burpy Omega-3 Solution

A senior nursing student and a mom, Amanda Farabaugh of New York had tried taking fish oil capsules before with little success. After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease, however, Amanda decided on Omega Cure® as a non-burpy, anti-inflammatory solution. In...Read full article


Nutritional Solutions to Postpartum Depression

If it is possible to look for a silver lining to Miriam Carey’s tragic death, it is that her condition is bringing much-needed attention to an important women’s health issue. With news surfacing that the young mother suffered from postpartum...Read full article

omega3innovations Nov 30,2012

Omega3 Innovations Healthy Gift Guide

This holiday season, give your loved ones a gift that will keep them healthy and happy throughout the year. Here are a few gift ideas to get you inspired: Gifts for the Student Treat students to a convenient, on-the-go breakfast...Read full article


Healthier Babies with Omega-3 Fish Oil

[caption id="attachment_185" align="alignright" width="263"] Several studies suggest babies of mothers taking omega-3 fish oil have a reduced risk of developing food allergies.[/caption] In the late 1990s research studies from Norway and the U.S. pointed out that fatty acids from fish,...Read full article


Making Babies: How Omega-3 Promotes Better Sperm

Last weekend, I attended a wedding. After the ceremony, I happened to talk with a specialist at a large fertility clinic in Oslo, Norway. She had heard about my expertise in the area of omega-3 fish oil, and of course,...Read full article