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Category: chronic inflammation

Bo Martinsen, MD Feb 27,2017

The Power of Melatonin and Omega-3 Combined

Combining our fresh Omega Cure® oil with melatonin started as an experiment of curiosity that gave unexpected results, much like the development of penicillin or medical x-rays. I had been working for a long time on finding additional ways to...Read full article

omega3innovations Nov 4,2016

How He Cut the Chronic Pain with Omega Cure Extra Strength

Hans Anger had taken omega-3 fish oil pills before without seeing much result. But when Hans tried Omega Cure® Extra Strength for a 6 week period, he noticed a remarkable difference for the chronic pain in his knee. In this...Read full article


5 Tips for Getting Relief from Dry Eyes with an Omega-3 Supplement

Increasing our intake of omega-3 from fish and cod liver oil can be an effective and relatively inexpensive way to help manage dry eye symptoms. Nearly every article addressing dry eyes mentions omega-3 supplements for their anti-inflammatory benefits. And many...Read full article


Using Omega-3 Supplements to Treat Dry Eye Symptoms

If you stare at a computer screen all day, have reached the plus-55-years-old stage of life and have had a cataract operation, it’s likely you have all the makings of a serious dry eye problem. And you are not alone....Read full article

omega3innovations Jul 2,2015

For One Omega Cure User, An Extra Teaspoon a Day Made All the Difference

For Sarasota-based Ali Jaynes, using Omega Cure and eating Omega Cookies is a family affair. In this June 2015 Customer of the Month Story, learn how Ali and her two children integrate their “vitamin shot” and fish oil cookies into...Read full article

Bo Martinsen, MD Jun 5,2015

What Is Omega-3 and Why Is It Important for Your Health?

15 years ago when I started giving lectures about omega-3 for physicians, few health care providers had heard about these molecules. Some doctors thought I was preaching voodoo medicine, while others politely thanked me for sharing the information. Today, the...Read full article

omega3innovations May 27,2015

“I Can’t Take Fish Oil:” How One Omega Cure User Found Her Non-Burpy Omega-3 Solution

A senior nursing student and a mom, Amanda Farabaugh of New York had tried taking fish oil capsules before with little success. After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease, however, Amanda decided on Omega Cure® as a non-burpy, anti-inflammatory solution. In...Read full article


Treating the Injured Brain with Omega-3 Fish Oil

One year ago, my family was in an uproar. A close family member needed brain surgery, which was scary enough. But then, a week after this major procedure, he contracted a life threatening form of bacterial meningitis. I visited him...Read full article

omega3innovations Mar 14,2015

Reducing the Crackle in the Joints: An Omega Cure Customer Tells Her Story of Relieved Chronic Inflammation

Rose Kuhel, one of our March 2015 Customers of the Month, had been a fish oil user for years. But she never knew it could help relieve the chronic inflammation in her back until she started taking 3 teaspoons of...Read full article

omega3innovations Nov 23,2014

Omega Cure or Omega Cure Extra Strength: Which Product Is Right for Me?

We know you’re getting excited for the launch of our single-serving Omega Cure Extra Strength vials. For the first time, we will be able to offer travel-friendly, ultra-fresh Omega Cure in a standardized dose presentation. This means, you can keep...Read full article